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Originally Posted by biotlobj View Post
LMAO yeah sure was that show, i did not want to mention it as peaple maybe wouldnt believe me, got tik's through dad's mate's wife. The show kikd ass rodger is a leg well they all are.

Paul Weller never fails to deliver. He played alot of his new tracks and they were very deep, put chills down back of spine and had a tear in my eye at some stages, lol.

His new album features alot of guests on such as noel, gem and rodger cant wait to get my hands on the record. Another album im also really looking forward for is oasis, hearing alot of good stuff about the record.
Oasis always big up their new records but I have a feeling it'll be great. The feeling's probably called hope though

I didn't know Roger was on the new Paul Weller record. If he is then that's fantastic.
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