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And now we've lost Prince too.... My Prince story is remembering seeing him with my BFF Kelly sometime in the mid to late 90's and it being the most expensive concert ticket I'd ever bought (at the time). And the little SOB came out and played for an hour and left. Now I'll give credit where credit is due--he put on an amazing show for that mere hour and I I considered him the best guitarist I'd seen in person at the time. But Kelly and I were very unhappy that we had paid so much for the tickets (face value) and he only played an hour and then he went and played at a club for free for two hours. What I will always remember most is that he did a cover of Joan Osborne's song One of Us. He was a musical genius. I recently heard on EW radio that he has music and material stored up so that they can release "new" stuff for years and years after his death because he was so prolific. A true artist and visionary. RIP, Prince. I hope you've found your peace.
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