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HuffingtonPost: ...Madonna’s much-hyped performance honoring Prince at the Billboard Music Awards...started...(a) stop the “Material Girl” from performing...

Twitter attacked Madonna for her lackluster showing, and Black Entertainment Television made sure people knew its tribute to the Purple Rain singer would be much better...

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BET punked out and deleted the tweet, but not in time...(W)hile she was a contemporary of Prince chronologically and visually, she wasn't artistically...(T)hat's what generated the fan protest, and sure enough, she justified it.
When I heard about Madonna doing the Billboard tribute, my reaction was, "Okay. And who else?" She was doomed to fail because, as I said, she was limited to best representing Prince only in the visual sense.

BET delivered on their bravado -- not so much because of the higher talent level of who they employed to perform, but because their tribute celebrated the full spectrum of Prince's artistic skills and contributions:


And in a gargantuan double smackdown of Madonna and Billboard, Roots drummer Questlove (who introduced the Billboard tribute and defended Madonna online) and Stevie Wonder (last seen being led onstage by Madonna) both accepted BET's invitation to "redeem" themselves!


Remember how we used to talk about busting out? We'd break their hearts together...forever...

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