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Default Prince to play *21* concerts in London this summer..including the 02 how come he is only charging 31 for his O2 tickets???? Hes easily more popular and in demand than Bon Jovi, yet his tickets are cheaper? the mind boggles.

Anyways, shame i wont be in the country at the time, would love to see him!


US performer Prince is to play 21 concerts in London this summer, his only European dates of the year.

He is to spend a week at the O2 arena - formerly the Millennium Dome - with tickets priced at 31.21, a reference to his album 3121.

He will also play at a number of far smaller venues to make seeing him "affordable for everybody".

The 48-year-old, known for hits such as Kiss and Raspberry Beret, has prepared 150 songs to perform on the tour.

And he hopes to be joined on stage by soul singer Amy Winehouse, having declared himself a big fan.

"I love London," he explained at a press launch. "I've had some of my favourite shows here."

An "extended stay" had been arranged because during his last tour in London - in October 2002 - "a lot of people didn't get to see me".

Prince - who famously changed his name to a squiggle symbol in the 1990s after falling out with his record label - added that he would be house-hunting in the British capital.

"As soon as I leave here I'm going to look for a place to live," he told journalists.

Tickets for the O2 arena gigs, the first of which will be on 1 August, go on sale on Friday at 0900 BST.
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