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Originally Posted by Kev
Originally Posted by peter
I hope they will play in Slovenia once again (although I don't like the label "Eastern European")
That will be cool for you if they play Slovenia again. I hope they do Peter. As long as the UK gets a decent tour this year. I think we only got one UK date last year and even that was an actual festival, so not band show. Still got an hour and a half though. How many times have you seen REM live Peter? Me only the once which is quite embarssing really. Been a fan for around 8 or 9 years, but only got round to seeing them once. Definately gonna do a few dates on the next tour providing they are all in the UK. It doesnt look like BJ will be touring, so REM, will be the next best thing in 2005
Hm, I've seen them live.... 9 times since 1999. 5x 1999 tour, 1x 2001 promo tour, 3x last year's best of tour. And 3 concerts were on UK soil, hehe (Scotland actually). Next year...we'll see. I have much less time than I used to have, plus I'm getting old heh
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