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R.E.M reveal double anthology album

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Old 07-25-2006, 04:57 PM
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Default R.E.M reveal double anthology album

R.E.M reveal double anthology album
There's a DVD on the way too

REM are set to release a new best of compilation 'And I Feel Fine' on September 11.

The double album will be anthology of the bands recordings on the IRS label, to which the band were signed to between 1983 - 1987. The discs will contain unreleased material, live songs and rarities.

The band will also release 'When The Light Is Mine', a DVD containing music videos and TV performances.

R.E.M original line up of Michael Stipe, Peter Buck, Mike Mills and Bill Berry were all involved in choosing the tracks, Billboard reports.

"This is a good history lesson on the days of yore when the band first started out and were writing sometimes 2 - 3 songs a day, many of which became classics, and some of which were lost in the mists of tape and time and vault, " explained the band's manager Bertis Down.

'And I Feel Fine' contains the studio outtakes 'Theme From Two Steps Onward' and the original version of 'Bad Day'. The latter was recorded for 1986's 'Life's Rich Pageant' and re-recorded for 2003's release on the band's current label Warners, 'In Time- The Best Of R.E.M'.

Also included is an early 1980's version of 'All The Right Friends' (re-recorded for the 2001 soundtrack to 'Vanilla Sky'), demos of 'Hyena' , early live favourite 'Mystery To Me' and a "live in the studio" version of 'Just A Touch' and live version of 'Ages Of You','We Walk' and '1,000,000' all recorded on July 13, 1983 at Boston's Paradise.

An edited, single CD version of the collection will also be available.

Meanwhile the DVD 'When The Light Is Mine' will feature performances of 'Talk About The Passion', 'Radio Free Europe' and 'Can't Get There From Here' from legendary rock show The Tube, a 20 minute film 'Left Of Reckoning' and a 1984 performance of 'Pretty Persuasion' from music show 'The Old Grey Whistle Test'. Rare interviews and acoustic are also set the feature.

The tracklisting for the double 'And I Feel Fine' is:

'Begin the Begin'
'Radio Free Europe'
'Pretty Persuasion'
'Talk About the Passion'
'(Don't Go Back to) Rockville'
'Sitting Still'
'Gardening at Night'
'7 Chinese Bros.'
'So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)'
'Driver 8'
'Can't Get There From Here'
'Finest Worksong'
'Feeling Gravity's Pull'
'I Believe'
'Life and How To Live It'
'The One I Love'
'Welcome to the Occupation'
'Fall on Me'
'Perfect Circle'
'It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)'

Bonus disc:

'Pilgrimage' (Mike's pick)
'These Days' (Bill's pick)
'Gardening at Night' (slower electric demo; previously unreleased)
'Radio Free Europe' (Hib-tone version)
'Sitting Still' (Hib-tone version)
'Life and How to Live It' (Live at the Muziekcentrum, Utrecht, Holland 9/14/87; previously unreleased)
'Ages of You' (Live at the Paradise, Boston 7/13/83; previously unreleased)
'We Walk' (Live at the Paradise, Boston 7/13/83; previously unreleased)
'1,000,000' (Live at the Paradise, Boston 7/13/83; previously unreleased)
'Finest Worksong' (other mix)
'Hyena' (demo; previously unreleased)
'Theme From Two Steps Onward' (previously unreleased)
'All the Right Friends' (previously unreleased)
'Mystery to Me' (demo; previously unreleased)
'Just A Touch' (live in-studio version; previously unreleased)
'Bad Day' (previously unreleased)
'King of Birds'
'Swan Swan H' (live acoustic version)
'Disturbance at the Heron House' (Peter's pick)
'Time After Time" (Annelise)' (Michael's pick)

The track list for 'When the Light Is Mine' is:

'Wolves, Lower'
'Radio Free Europe'
'Talk About the Passion'
'Radio Free Europe' (Live, 'The Tube,' 11/18/83)
'Talk About the Passion' (Live, 'The Tube,' 11/18/83)
'So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)'
James Herbert's 'Left of Reckoning'
'Pretty Persuasion' (Live, 'The Old Grey Whistle Test,' 11/20/84)
'Can't Get There From Here'
'Driver 8'
'Life and How To Live It'
'Feeling Gravity's Pull'
'Can't Get There From Here' (Live, 'The Tube,' 10/25/85)
'Fall On Me'
'Swan Swan H' ('Inside/Out')
'The One I Love'
'It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)'
'Finest Worksong'

Additionally, the band will be inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame on September 16 in Atlanta.
no spandex. no criminal records.
no rehab. no pseudo-lesbian videos.

its just a really great record.

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