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Gotthard's last, Laundry Service I think it's called, is just AMAZING. One of the best hard rock albums I heard lately.
Lipservice. Shakira's hit album was called Laundry Service
And yeah, it's pretty nice. Anytime Anywhere and the bonus track (Can't Stop) are my favourites. If you don't have the bonus track, drop me a PM...

For a bit heavier stuff but still in the same fun-rock direction check EDGUY.
...and be sure to get the newest album, because it just oozes 80s rock.

Other recommendations:

80s-era Kiss (Lick It Up - Hot In The Shade)
80s Aerosmith (Permanent Vacation & Pump)
Ratt (sounds a lot like the first 2 BJ records)
And the best album of the year so far... Hardcore Superstar - Hardcore Superstar
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