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Default Rush

Is it me or do Rush fans tend to be a wierd lot that seem to be a little slow? I thought Pink Floyd fans were similarly eccentric in their own way. So I never became a regular on any of their boards. Just not my flavor. Rush boards.....I'm not sure people really know what they are talking about.

Other than that....I've fallen in love with them. I've bought more than half the catalog in a week's time and 5 concert DVDs. I guess this is what would have happened with KISS when I properly discovered them at 13 (Rock and Roll All Nite being a favorite song of mine from 5 years old, however..just that was all I knew until 13.) I'd go out and just buy up everything they had out at the time rather than an album every few weeks over time cuz I was going off an allowance. There is an advantage're forced to soak up every aspect of the album before you are able to go on and buy the next one. So when reaching into a large back have some sense of what it was like to have gotten them at the time of release and then waited to get the next one when they finally released it.

But I'm 36 and I have money (that I could stand to manage far better.) So just helped myself to a whole pile all at once. SO now I have to discipline myself. I don't want to lose the experience of giving each album their focus and experiencing the artistic stages of any band. It's too easy to experience it out of joint and not see the development, how it all ties in together. I started off on a Best Of....Chronicles after catching them in R30 broadcasting in HD on Palladia. A lot like when I picked up Double Platinum on my 13th first real record album that I went and bought myself...which led to a whole explosion of KISS that is embedded in me to this day. That album exposed me to a cross section of their work in the 70s. I followed the songs back to their original albums of release and figured out the whole chonology of them and knew where to go from there.

That's what I'm now doing with Rush. The great thing is..these guys are in their 50's, NOT a nostalgia band the way KISS has gone, and still very on their game. It's what I've been looking for...a band with a long history like KISS..but went on as if KISS never stopped churning out new albums and tours with the make up off instead of ending it at Revenge/Carnival of Souls (Psycho Circus isn't quite part of the continuity because it was part of the Reunion years and the tour did not reinvent anything the way they had up until the Revenge tour.) KISS right now is not a band that makes me feel good about growing older as a rocker. It's a nostalgia fest living off the past. Even with the new album and tour coming....which I'll go see of course, the fact they continue with make up in old costume designs detracts from it. New costume designs would help, but they'd be far cooler just taking the make up off and really focusing on the music/reinventing the show. Rush does exactly that.

I needed the inspiration......
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