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Originally Posted by Suojelusperkele View Post
I don't like the singer's voice, it's way too high. I've heard several Rush albums but they're not really my cup of tea, with prog rock I prefer Pink Floyd and King Crimson. It would help if Rush's singer's voice didn't sound like he was inhaling helium. But it is definitely improvement for you to move from Kiss to Rush.
Believe me, I know exactly what you mean about Geddy's voice. I only really take issue with it from the earlier days though, as he does himself. You can blame the heavy influence of Robert Plant on that. When I first picked up Chronicles, I found his voice grating for most of the first half of the set (it's in chronological order.)

Then I realized something...Geddy's voice make alot more sense and is much easier to take when you are actually watching the band perform over just listening. It's wierd, but it works. Now I'm actually falling in love with the first two albums where initially I figured I would tend to ignore them the way I don't tend to listen to "Bon Jovi" or "On Through the Night (Def Leppard.) It just takes some adjusting. "Anthem" is one of my favorites by the band.

To date, I've picked up every album from "Rush" up through "Grace Under Pressure" except for "Caress of Steel" and "All The World's a Stage." After that I have "Roll the Bones" and "Snakes and Arrows." The rest I'll fill in over time. I'm trying to make sure I give each album their due time and mostly in order to appreciate their development over the years. So for the moment I'm concentrating on those first two albums. This is after listening to both "2112" and "Moving Pictures" from start to finish with no distraction...both sealed it for me where Chronicles mostly had me wondering what I was missing out on.
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