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Default Singer Not Allowed To Lip Synch, Cancels Concert

DailyMail: Just a few hours before she was set to appear...39-year-old...R&B star Brandy (Norwood) called off her performance(s)...(with)...the National Symphony Orchestra at Washington, D.C.'s storied Kennedy Center...

(A) representative...said: "Brandy’s team informed (us) that she was cancelling the performances due to vocal duress, and that she would be visiting a doctor while in town."
Brandy posted on her Instagram:
...I wanted to give a detailed explanation after seeing an otolaryngologist...His findings were sinusitis, acute laryngitis, hemorrhagic right true vocal and bilateral severe vocal cord edema. (That’s a lot and I don’t truly know what that all means...doesn’t sound promising)

I’ve been experiencing hemorrhaging on my left eardrum and was firmly stay on strict vocal rest for a week and to cancel any professional performances. Deeply hurt by that..."
Well, if you're too sick to sing, you should cancel, even if at the last minute. However, she followed up with this IG post:
...I have been misunderstood by my Management and my Entire Team ...#purposefully misunderstood, bullied, belittled, pushed by engineer ...his team/wife...and other wanna be musicians he had on board...

I can't read music, let alone protocols...(and) can only explain sound by duplicating what I hear...I've been surviving for this performance since last year, recording all new background vocals to fill the house with my surround sound, new creative direction...

#Imagine -- a born Orchestra (Brandy) that can't connect to the Kennedy Orchestra because of everyone's refusal to listen to the one musician (Brandy) that can join and bring out the best of both worlds...
But just when you thought it was safe to chalk it up to her sinusitis/laryngitis/hemorrhagic edema medications:
...(E)vent organizer insiders have told DailyMail the real reason...was that Brandy...wanted to lip sync some of her set..."Brandy apparently voice tracks her concerts -- meaning 95 percent of what she performs on stage is pre-recorded vocals that she lip-syncs to. (D)espite her pleas to pre-record some of the show, her own team was adamant that it was unacceptable and a violation to the culture of the theater...(Y)ou just don't lip sync in front of an orchestra..."
Well, did she cancel because she couldn't sing or because she can't sing anymore? She sure can't have it both ways. And if she was too sick to sing, how was she going to pre-record any vocals in the first place? She concludes her IG post:
I will NEVER BE THE SAME because of this moment. That's a good thing...I know what it takes to be the Greatest Version of Self and I know how to Demolish Anything and Anyone who arrogantly attempts to stop The Glory of God and the will for my Life...
If you'll pardon the expression, you're damned right that you will never be the same -- because if there really is such a thing as the glory of God, you will never be hired to sing again!


Remember how we used to talk about busting out? We'd break their hearts together...forever...

You and me and our old friends / hoping it would never end / holding on to never say goodbye...

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