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So I saw Def Leppard the other night......

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Old 11-20-2011, 02:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Roxannah View Post
Women was my favourite Lepp song for a looong time and i love seeing Gods of War as a staple and Wasted in the set.

i've been crying and crying for months now that i'm not going to any shows. i still had to try and make it happen somehow and i found a way! so i'm going to Manchester's show on the 11th but i'm flying from/to a city 4 hours away from Lisbon (flights from Lisbon were super expensive) and i have to be in Lisbon the day after as i'm going to another show. it's a bit crazy and it's going to be logistically challenging, also because i still haven't got a clue when i'm going to sleep, but it's all good now they better give me Foolin' and Gods of War for sure, and if i had Women, so to speak, it would be amazing.
Sometimes I sleep for like 10 hours and then I can spend 2 days awake without even feeling tired

Have a blast!!!! and may you get some women (the song I mean)
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Old 11-20-2011, 08:36 PM
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thanks! i'm super excited. yeah i'm really hoping to get Women, hopefully i'll be lucky

sleeping 10 hours the day before doesn't work for me at all. since i have a hard time sleeping on anything that moves, that's going to be interesting.
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def leppard, live

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