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Old 12-17-2004, 10:53 PM
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Default Stereophonics


The Stereophonics are currently preparing for the release of their 5th studio album to date, due for release March/April 2005. (most likely late March) The first single, Dakota, is set for release on 28th February 2005. The band has recently announced that they have appointed a new drummer, Argentinean, Javier Weyler. The band first met Javier when they were recording album demos for Y.G.G.T.T.C.B., and then again in late 2003 when they were visiting Argentina. He has recorded the drum parts for the album and is a full member of the band. (much to Kellys delight he is now the smallest member)

The album will be called 'Language. Sex. violence. Other?' and sees the boys returning to a more rocky theme, not unlike Word Gets Around. The album name is based on the rating chart on the back of DVD covers and there is not one single acoustic guitar on the album and its very upbeat. Although similar to the 1st and 2nd albums it has a more produced sound like Moviestar. There are going to be just 10 or 11 tracks on the album with it expected to have a running time of around 40mins.

The titles are each one word keeping things simple yet again, those titles include:

This however is not the order they will appear on the album in. Deadhead is a re-recorded/developed version of Royal flush a B-side track from the Madam Helga single in 2003, originally recorded in the bands early days- now meatier with more guitar riffs and a more produced sound to it- a great improvement. It fits into the album perfectly, to give you some idea of the rest of the tracks style. Lolita is a song written about Kelly and Beccas new baby daughter (born on October 24th) who has been given the highly original name Lolita Bootsy Jones. Pedalpusher is a recent addition to the album track listing as it was only recorded this week (week beginning 12th December) during a b-sides session. It is so good Kelly wants it on the album, with a great beat and a very catchy tune its easy to see why.

Complete with a new bar-code style logo, unveiled in December, the artwork supporting all of the releases for this album will have a theme running throughout. The artwork has been created by a Japanese artist that Kelly really admires and is going to be complimented by a range of photographs taken by Scarlet Page, so they should be great. The artist has a modern graphical style, using bold colours and strong lines. The designs themselves are very vibrant and fresh, a total contrast from the designs from the last two albums. These designs compliment the new logo massively, so look to that for an idea of where the art direction is headed.

There are currently no tour dates set, but we should expect some to coincide with the release of the album. The band are very interested in doing some club dates to test out the new songs, which we should expect early next year. A large tour of arenas in the UK is suggested for October/November and a world tour to many countries is also expected, as well as a couple of festival appearances. The release of the new album will also signals a website overhaul and redesign (please post any suggestions you have for the website in the 'webiste ideas thread' in feedback forum). Currently the designs suggest a higher involvement and input from the band and much more exclusive items for the fans. However it is unlikely the new website will include a chatroom, as V2 feel that they can not moderate it closely enough to unsure younger users safety, after a spate of internet child grooming.

The planned YGGTTCB DVD has been cancelled and will not be released. However a DVD depicting the bands history up to the present date is planned for release in the autumn of 2005, as footage for it is being shot until this summer. This will be a 2 disc set crammed with features and video footage from throughout the bands history. It will also include some coverage of the millennium stadium gig although it is not specified as to how much will be shown. It is going to be worth the 3 year wait. A possible for the future is a B-sides album or the re-releasing of past albums with the relevant b-sides included on them, however this is only an idea at present and has not been comfirmed.

Another snippet of news is that it is thought Richard may join Kelly in becoming a father, with the baby rumoured to arrive in February, although this has not been confirmed.

In reflection the band seems to have started over anew. The new sound harks back to previous times, but is fresh, Kelly is looking cheeky again with a new short haircut and the bands image and outlook has taken on a whole new perspective. 2005 looks like its going to be a busy and fantastic year for the Stereophonics, so get ready for some action in the near future!!!! also have a March 28, 2005 release date for 'Language. Sex. Violence. Other?'
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Old 12-17-2004, 11:46 PM
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Are there really people out there buying CDs with that boring music? Amazing. I nearly fell asleep in Munich 2001 when they were on stage.
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Old 12-18-2004, 02:30 PM
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i really have tuned out with them the last few albums.. i loved word gets around and Cocktails.. liked mr writer of Jeep and their odd rockyier song after that.. but DESPISED that 'Have a nice day' joke of a song and never really touched them since.. some of their stuf have the unique ability to send one to sleep. i hopr the new album is nice and rocky

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Old 12-18-2004, 05:07 PM
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And I'm glad that the new album will be more "produced" as generally the production on their past albums IMO has been horrible and bogged down with too many acoustic guitars. Nice to hear that we're gonna have a nice "Meaty" rock album from them next year.
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Old 12-18-2004, 05:48 PM
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yup they definetely shoulda kicked it in after performance and cocktails. the only decent thing they've done since then is mr writer and handbags which is basically the exact same as the rod stewart version with kelly jones voice on it.
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Old 12-18-2004, 11:08 PM
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My girlfriend's a fan, but I find them a bit on the boring side. She recommended Word Gets Around (which I thought was great, A Thousand Trees is a great track) and Performance and Cocktails. From what I've heard, post Performance, it's all been crap.
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Old 12-18-2004, 11:32 PM
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Aloha !

Originally Posted by Sambo-Chris
Are there really people out there buying CDs with that boring music? Amazing.
No they're this popular because they sell zero albums.

Originally Posted by Sambo-Chris
I nearly fell asleep in Munich 2001 when they were on stage.
Then you should've gone to bed earlier the night before!

Salaam Aleikum,
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Old 12-19-2004, 09:37 PM
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Thanks for the info Kev, much appreciated

Originally Posted by Sambo-Chris
Are there really people out there buying CDs with that boring music? Amazing.
The recordstore didn't have any Nena or Modern Talking. Amazing.
What goes around, it comes around and you'll be comin' down
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Old 12-20-2004, 01:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Bon Jovidudes#2
Originally Posted by Sambo-Chris
Are there really people out there buying CDs with that boring music? Amazing.
The recordstore didn't have any Nena or Modern Talking. Amazing.
You compare the popularity of The Stereophonics and Modern Talking? Interesting.
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Old 12-30-2004, 12:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Bluesman
From what I've heard, post Performance, it's all been crap.

The Bon Jovi Bootleg Videos Site- Work In Progress
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