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Steve Perry doing The Eels - It's A Mother****er

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Old 04-14-2015, 12:43 AM
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Default Steve Perry doing The Eels - It's A Mother****er

Years ago I was obsessed with some utterly depressive hipster music. Particularly two bands - Bright Eyes and The EELS. Now E from the Eels, he's been through a lot in his life and his honesty is just heart-breaking. One song called 'It's a Mother****er' I always found to be soo damn intense that it'd give me shivers. I used to have it on repeat for hours to the point that I got totally sick of listening to it and how it made me feel. I put it away one day, removed it from all my playlists and promised to ignore it. That was 2009.

Here it is:

Today I remembered it out of the blue. And while I searched for it, I read a comment somewhere that Steve Perry covered it. I had to listen to it and then to share it. While the Eels might not be everyone's cup of tea, Steve Perry is amazing on this one. The man needs to sing more!

Here you go:
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