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Originally Posted by DevilsSon
Originally Posted by spunkywho
Originally Posted by Kev
I am downloading Toxicity as we speak as well, coz I think I may know quite a few tracks from that one
It really has only one good track on it.

The singers voice is getting on my nerves and all songs sound the same.
What is the good song?!!...
chop suey - and I mean good for it being a System of the Down song.

Metal? I had no idea it was classed metal, thinking about it, not sure what genre it would belong to, but metal isn't exactly what I think of when listening to SOAD.

Originally Posted by Bon Jovidudes#2
I liked it a lot, came out last friday over here. Less screaming than the previous album :P
less screaming you say? Then there actually is a possibility this one is better than the rest.
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