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Default The Official Rolling Stones Thread

Recently I've actually started two threads related to The Rolling Stones, but one was about Ronnie Wood's antics and one was a stupid argument with David called "The Rolling Stones vs Aerosmith".

Obviously The Stones are much better, and deserve an official thread of their own. So here it is.

Few bands are simply so ****ing cool. Pretty much everything about The Stones kicks arse. Keith's riffs, Mick's vocals, Mick Taylor/Ronnie Wood/Brian Jones' (and occasionally Keith's as well) leads, the funny lyrics, brilliant tunes, real solid and jazz influenced rhythm section, the energy, the way Keith and Ron pretty much prop eachother up onstage. I'd say their four album run from 1968 to 1972 has been more or less unparalelled.

1968 - Beggar's Banquet
1969 - Let It Bleed
1971 - Sticky Fingers
1972 - Exile On Main Street

And that's not even mentioning Some Girls, Tattoo You, Aftermath, Between The Buttons, Out Of Our Heads, Goats Head Soup and so on and so forth. I'm also a big fan of Keith and Ronnie's solo albums, and even on the shitty albums (admittedly there are quite a few) there are plenty of quality songs.

Their gigs are still pretty awesome, even though Keith's guitar playing has deteriorated beyond belief. The "Biggest Bang" DVD has some really good peformances on it amoungst the vegas shit, but if you really want some live Stones I suggest you download "The Brussels Affair" from the 1973 Goats Head Soup Tour, or "Get Yer Leeds Lungs Out" from 1970. Classic live Stones were so loose and free-sounding it was unbelieveable.

Oh, and they're probably the best guitar band ever too. You have Keith with his neverending supply of hard and catchy riffs, and even the odd lead as well, such as his great "firedancing" solo on Sympathy For The Devil. Mick Taylor was a virtuoso, as evidenced by his intricate and beautiful solos and fills throughout his tenture in the band. Brian Jones was a hugely talented multi-instrumentalist, as well as one of the best slide guitarists I've ever heard. Ronnie's like a more technically gifted Keith, but is a better slide and steel guitar player than even Brian (if anyone hasn't heard it, get his solo debut I've Got My Own Album To Do).

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, let's hear what everyone else thinks about The Stones. Favourite album, member, general thoughts and so on.

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