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I have most of their stuff, have seen them live 3 times since the Bridges To Babylon tour. Amazing.

I love all the obvious classics, favourite song would be "Beast Of Burden". I also played many of their songs live with my acoustic project, "Paint It Black", "Sweet Virginia", even "Sympathy For The Devil". With my full band we once played "Jumpin' Jack Flash".

Among my favourites are lots of non-hits and album tracks, like "She Was Hot", "Dirty Work", "Out Of Control", "Luxury", "Time Waits For No One", "Hand Of Fate", "Rocks Off"...

A long time ago I started a thread about cover songs, artists that have made great versions of Stones songs. My favourites of these have to be

Joanna Dean - Gimme Shelter
Bette Midler - Beast Of Burden & Just My Immagination (Running Away With Me)
Johnny Winter - Jumoin' Jack Flash

and the cool versions Bon Jovi have played like "It' Only Rock'n'Roll" or "Tumbling Dice".
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