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Originally Posted by Mad4Jovi
Ok, easy tigers, I'm here!

Well, interesting venue The band played a stonking show yet again, though it couldn't top Nottingham Rock City on Monday!

Setlist (not necessarily order):

River of Pain
An Englishman on Holiday
Blown Away
Backstreet Symphony
Everybody's Laughing
Low Life in High Places
Moth to the Flame
Empty City
Just Another Suicide
Somebody get me a Spin Doctor
Addicted to Love (tribute to Robert Palmer)
Dirty Love

There's some photos at but i didn't take that many last night as the stage was so high

Next stop, Bristol tonight ..........
stage was too high? Ceri do you have legs? must be why i missed you LOL
I'll always be to you
A stain to never fade
The worst mistake you've made
An episode to file under "never try again"
I would I were the same...
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