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Old 10-06-2017, 09:50 PM
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Default Unprofessionals Du Tutti Unprofessionals

Lil Wayne Refuses Venue's Security Check, Cancels Concert

Lil Wayne pulled out of his concert at the Colonial Life Arena in South Carolina (USA)...after reportedly objecting to the venue's insistence (that) he (go) through security checks.

(He) was scheduled to perform with the likes of 2 Chainz, Cardi B, and Tory Lanez...but...he ''elected not to come into the building through the venue's standard safety procedures'' ...(according to) a statement from (CLA).
He should have turned around and put his "sizzurp," weed, and guns back on the tour bus, then. There were people waiting who had paid plenty for the privilege of being practically molested in order to see him perform -- and equally important, there were potential fans he could win over. How unprofessional can you get???

While the venue initially said they would be offering fans their money back, promoters have decided against it. They said...''All of our flyers and promotions has never once mentioned Lil Wayne as the headliner nor mentioned this as a Lil Wayne concert''...(They have) ask(ed) (CLA) to retract the refund offer, and said they are currently negotiating...
Serves CLA right -- that's the PROMOTER'S call to make, NEVER the venue's. Since any "negotiations" should have taken place prior to their announcement, CLA can jolly well pay the refunds out their own pockets -- how unprofessional can you get???

The promoters went on to claim their preference was to have Cardi B perform as the final act because of her chart-topping single Yellow Bodak, but 2Chainz and Wayne had threatened to cancel if she went on last...
That came from the PROMOTER? That's unprofessional on both ends: For having made Wayne and 2Chainz look bad, the promoter may feel obligated to hunt down and fire the "leaker," who the reporter should have described as "a source familiar with the situation" instead.

If Wayne and 2Chainz felt that strongly, they shouldn't have signed on with the gig to begin with. But 2Chainz not only changed his mind, presumably went through CLA's security, and performed:

Instead of feeling butthurt and publicly humiliated, why not turn an inferior lineup placement into a no-lose situation by going out there and PROVING that someone made a big mistake? In addition to giving a Cardi a tough act to follow, 2Chainz ended up making the promoters look like liars; looking like a hero compared to Wayne; doing his fans proud, and perhaps winning over some Wayne and Cardi fans as well. That's how professional you can get!!!

Bon Jovi's In the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: Congrats To Them AND Us!

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