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Default Re: Van Halen

Originally Posted by iwan_rasta
I wonder if there are some Van Halen fans on this board
And who's the best vocalist in VH?...David Lee Roth?...Sammy Hagar?
or Gary Cherone?
I'd prefer Sammy Hagar,because he's an incredible person among others.
I AM!!!!!!!

I'd say I think Sammy is a better vocalist, he has an amazing voice.... However, I'd say I prefere the songs they wrote with DLR, e.g Hot for Teacher, Panama, The Cradle will Rock, e.t.c.

DLR was meant to be doing this monsters of rock tour with Whitesnake, but he pulled out

Also, has anybody heard DLR solo albums???? His band was probably better than Van Halen (character and actual quality of songs asside), Steve Vai guitars, Billy Sheehan bass...... they really rocked!

Anybody know anything about Van Halen getting back together? There were numerous rumours, including with David Coverdale (which have been denied), and I know DLR went into the studio with VH a year or so ago..... Apparently Eddie does want to get back to music after his illness...... so watch this space!
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