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Vegas Mass Murders + Tom Petty Death = ?????

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Old 10-04-2017, 05:50 AM
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Default Vegas Mass Murders + Tom Petty Death = ?????

Originally Posted by Jon
(on Twitter): I'm crushed...Praying for all those affected by Vegas...And now the loss of one of my great influences, Tom Petty...
So I'm not alone in believing that this week has literally gotten off to one hell of a start. Now it turns out that it might have gotten a lot worse:
Quote: Federal agents are trying to determine why...Scott Edmisten, pulled over for speeding in Tennessee (USA), was carrying...weapons including two submachine guns and 900 rounds of ammunition...(T)he automatic weapons...weren't registered and lack(ed) serial numbers...Edmisten (had) also modified...rifles to make them automatic.

The arrest came a day after Stephen Paddock killed 59 people and wounded more than 500 in Las Vegas, firing down on a music festival crowd from a high-rise hotel suite. Some of the 23 guns in the suite were equipped with devices that enable a rifle to fire continuously...

Edmisten threatened his arresting officer and lunged toward investigators trying to question him. He's jailed without bond on charges of possessing prohibited weapons, speeding, and felony evading arrest.
Edmisten has a Facebook page, and here are some of the songs he posted on it over the weekend:

And two Tom Petty songs!

This was on his Facebook page, too:

Apparently Edmisten interpreted the alignment of the Las Vegas shootings and Petty's death as some sort of spiritual calling, but couldn't tell if it was coming from above or below. Fortunately, his lead foot may have prevented a suicide run and saved a few dozen lives this week!

Bon Jovi's In the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: Congrats To Them AND Us!

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