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Peterson 01-30-2007 04:14 PM

Last Man Standing
Which version of Last Man Standing doeas everyone prefer?

The Have A Nice Day Album version or the version on the Boxset?

I prefer the HAND version but my girlfriend likes the Boxset version.

The Northern Cowboy 01-30-2007 04:25 PM

Have A Nice Day Version

Solid Sambora 01-30-2007 04:26 PM

Depends on my mood, I like both.

sweetmisery 01-30-2007 04:55 PM

My girl and I like HAND's version. Its energetic and really captures the pride of the song.

Emil 01-30-2007 05:00 PM

The one on the box set.

CBYU 01-30-2007 05:14 PM

I prefer the HAND version but hubby prefers the box set version.

MrIks from Finland 01-30-2007 07:06 PM

maybe boxset...

Captain Walrus 01-30-2007 07:08 PM

HAND version, love the riff, and especially the rhythm guitar, Richie's backing vocals add to it, Jon's vocals build brilliantly, and it gets rid of the really wimpy sounding bit just before the last chorus

bjcrazycpa 01-30-2007 07:21 PM

Probably the HAND version by a slight edge. I really like them both.


JoviForever 01-30-2007 07:44 PM

The box set version - the meaning and the emotion of the lyrics seem to come through more than on the HAND version.

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