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Kathleen 05-04-2010 08:31 PM

Simon and Garfunkel :D When they had to reschedule the spring tour they added a few dates in my area. Previously there were no dates close to me.

I guess I always assume that *this* time I see them will be their last. I saw them live last November at MSG for the R & R HOF 25th Anniversary show and they were excellent. I'm delighted that I get to see them, yet again, one more time.

C'monFeet 05-04-2010 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by Ferret (Post 986599)
Lucky bugger, he's one of the best comedians around today! That special he did on immigration for Channel 4 "Go Home" is classic, and of course, his cred is boosted infinitely by the fact he appeared on Newswipe.

Newswipe was when he sold out! ;)

Maybe three years or so, I saw his name mentioned next to Bill Hicks' from some guy's message board comments. Anyone who speaks clearly of dissafection, articulates an obvious way out, I will fall for.

This will be the third year I've seen him at the Leicester Square Theatre. The last two times have been as formative experiences as any music gig I've ever been to. I've been absolutely bent double holding my sides in, and reassured that I actually am sane and the world is ****ing nuts.

If you get him, you get him - and will travel the length of the country to see hime.

This time he's playing five nights - they've been on sale a fortnight or so and are all but sold out. You could have easily got tickets on the night two years ago.

Just download and take in everything you can.

C'monFeet 05-04-2010 09:44 PM


Originally Posted by Kathleen (Post 986600)
Simon and Garfunkel

You lucky bitch.

**** you. **** you. **** you.

Will be glad to meet you.

Kathleen 05-05-2010 02:53 AM


Originally Posted by C'monFeet (Post 986612)

Will be glad to meet you.

Be glad to meet you too. I take from your comments that you like S & G. :lol:

I have been a fan - literally since I've been 16 years old. I even talked a friend's older brother into taking me to their first concert at UCLA in 1967. I sure wish that technology existed then as it does now - I would love a recording of that show - I remember it as incredible.

kenobi_on_a_prayer 05-05-2010 07:49 AM

1927 (with Wa Wa Nee) :p

Miracle 05-08-2010 12:02 AM

The Trews :-D There are no words for how much I'm digging this band right now

Crushgen24/88 05-14-2010 10:10 PM

The Gaslight Anthem at The Stone Pony in August. With all the trouble I've had getting tickets to see them (For increasingly odd reasons, I've missed like 5 area shows since I got into them) there was no way I was missing this.

Lady_Luck 05-15-2010 11:59 PM

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, that was awesome! Pure rock'n'roll!!! I had such a great time. I recommend it highly!

C'monFeet 05-19-2010 05:11 PM


Next up on payday - Bad Religion and Cheap Trick.

Gorillaz @ London Roundhouse – 30/04/10

Up till very recently the opportunity to see Gorillaz performing live has been a rare experience to say the least. In the past, some of the band’s live appearances have relied heavily on complicated setups and lots of electronic trickery. And then, if you managed to get into their show, chances are most of the band would be shrouded in darkness or silhouetted behind a screen.

So, in contrast to the band’s gigs of old, it’s difficult to imagine how they might forge a more honest, genuinely protonic live experience than the one exhibited tonight at the London Roundhouse. The masterminds behind the fictional foursome – Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett – have finally come to the conclusion that keeping things human is best. And what a revelation it was for all present.

From the moment the orchestra entered in sailor-themed outfits it was clear that this was part gig, part theatrical performance. Gorillaz and almost all of their colossal collective were in residence, an impressive feat in itself. And with the likes of Paul Simonon, De La Soul and Bobby Womack alone, it’s not hard to see why a cosmopolitan crowd was drawn, such is the existential appeal of Gorillaz’ ensemble.

The sheer amount of special guests reminded you that Gorillaz is as much about its collaborators as it is about its illusive creators. Mos Def and Bobby Womack were the first to appear, laying down some electrifying vocals on ‘Stylo’. Womack poured everything he had into those herculean cries. He also produced the most moving performance of the night with his wistful, but illuminating, solo on ‘Cloud of Unknowing.’ The legendary soul artist, who only agreed to contribute to the band’s third album thanks to his daughter’s coaxing, was evidently moved by the audience’s reaction.

Throughout the night artists came and went, and the whole thing began to meander into the most fantastic, uplifting carnival performance one has ever seen. Bashy and Kano erupted on stage, getting as close to the crowd as they dared. The comedic combination of De La Soul and Gruff Rhys was undeniably infectious on ‘Superfast Jellyfish’, while Mos Def chorused his way through the exhaustively layered ‘Sweepstakes’. Throughout the performance, a large screen behind the band displayed Jamie Hewlett’s spectacular visuals adding that extra pizzazz to the already stunning event.

The soft, unthreatening voice of Yukimi Nagano (Little Dragon) struggled to be heard at times over the drums and swirling electro on ‘Empire Ants’, but she managed a beautiful duet with Damon in the lounging calypso of ‘To Binge’, the two of them drawing closer to each other as the song went on. With so many contributing artists (did I mention Bootie Brown, Shaun Ryder and Rosie Wilson where there?) the potential for some of them to underperform was high. But amazingly this capable crew of musicians never stooped below excellence for an instant.

Closing with crowd favourites ‘Feel Good Inc’ and ‘Clint Eastwood’, Gorillaz first London dates of 2010 were incredibly well received. It was a less technical affair, but one that still required military-like timing to pull off. Damon and company should be pleased they have finally struck a happy balance between the anonymity of Gorillaz’ studio albums and a newfound intimacy for the band’s live shows. Forget smoke and mirrors, because Gorillaz are as real as they need to be.

Aaron Lee (Words and photos)

hometownboy 05-19-2010 05:57 PM


Originally Posted by C'monFeet (Post 988300)

Now that im pretty jealous of!

i was going to get tickets myself for the manchester show but with them being 45 i cant really afford it this month, waiting for a mate to get his act together so i can buy james tickets and them its money for london for bon jovi, bloody bon jovi!

maight have to see if i can work that one and pray im not on a fire exit lol

Panda 05-20-2010 07:47 AM


Originally Posted by Miracle (Post 986914)
The Trews :-D There are no words for how much I'm digging this band right now

Have you see n them live before?

(I have a slight suspicion we've talked about this before)

C'monFeet 05-20-2010 03:56 PM

Half price Jovi tickets.

Captain Walrus 05-23-2010 12:49 AM


Originally Posted by C'monFeet (Post 988300)

Me too!

Terrible seats, but I'm beginning to get used to that!

asok80 05-25-2010 08:59 PM

Rise Against - playing here in Gothenburg i June.

PamMcM 05-27-2010 10:39 PM

The Trews periodically play a small local place hubby goes to see them but I never have.

asok80 05-31-2010 01:04 PM

Green Day on Saturday in Gothenburg

hometownboy 05-31-2010 01:05 PM

Southside Johnny! cant wait to see this band again :D

Crushgen24/88 06-01-2010 08:29 AM

Paramore in August.

Goldsausage 06-12-2010 11:05 PM

Nils ****in' Lofgren!

Crushgen24/88 06-25-2010 06:09 AM

The Gaslight Anthem at Radio City in September.

Lady_Luck 06-29-2010 09:18 PM


Originally Posted by Crushgen24/88 (Post 1000016)
The Gaslight Anthem at Radio City in September.

The Gaslight Anthem in Brussels on November 14 ;)

Goldsausage 06-30-2010 10:16 PM

Amy Macdonald at the Cambridge Corn Exchange :D

Captain Walrus 07-03-2010 04:36 PM

I didn't buy them, but my girlfriend has won us tickets to see Ozzy Osbourne tonight! :D

Spidey5150 07-27-2010 11:14 PM

I have no upcoming shows to look forward to but...

Saw Bon Jovi + the Goo Goo Dolls last week = 2 shows in 3 days/nights

I had bough the Goo Goo Dolls tix 4 days prior to the show so it sort of counts :D

Chica Guacamole 08-04-2010 07:05 PM

Amy Macdonald, Edinburgh Corn Exchange August 18th
Mika, Edinburgh Picture House, August 23rd
Amy Macdonald, Forest National, Brussels, November 17th
Shakira, Sportspaleis Antwerp, December 12th

Got a bust few months gig wise (for me anyway):)

Jim Bon Jovi 08-04-2010 07:35 PM


Originally Posted by Chica Guacamole (Post 1009248)
Amy Macdonald, Edinburgh Corn Exchange August 18th
Mika, Edinburgh Picture House, August 23rd
Amy Macdonald, Forest National, Brussels, November 17th
Shakira, Sportspaleis Antwerp, December 12th

Got a bust few months gig wise (for me anyway):)

Where've you been hiding?!?!?

Unfortunately due to me being immensly employable I'm going to have to get rid of my Gaslight Anthem and Roger Waters tickets.

That in itself sucks before you take into account that Oktoberfest (which has been booked since January) is out the window unless my visa takes forever to be processed :-(

Chica Guacamole 08-05-2010 12:57 AM

I've mostly been locked up in uni with exams and dissertations and the like, and sorting out stuff for my placements :rolleyes: Still had time for a few gigs here and there though to keep me relatively sane:)

JerseyboyUK 08-07-2010 02:45 AM

Train - Birmingham Academy

Stone Sour/A7X - Birmingham NIA

Apocalyptica - Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall

Miracle 08-10-2010 04:04 PM

The Trews - November 23 :-D

Spidey5150 08-10-2010 10:14 PM

As i've been buying tickets more + more last minute...

I bought a ticket a ticket 2 weeks ago to see a show last weekend = HONDA CIVIC TOUR = Paramore w/ "Tegan & Sarah" + "New Found Glory". I didn't recognize a single song buy NFG but they were a lot of fun - had great energy on stage. As it were i'm quite familiar with a majority of Paramore's songs. I'm not a huge fan but i like them alright + had seen them last summer opening for No Doubt. My reason for seeing them being my girlfriend is a huge fan so we went with some of her other friends.

I'm going to be buying a ticket tomorrow night at the door for Public Enemy - they're playing in Buffalo. It's interesting as the Black Eyed Peas are also in town. They're playing a much larger venue (HSBC = Hockey Arena) but still, that's 2 premiere rap groups in town on the same night.

milomom 08-11-2010 06:22 PM

I just bought tickets for The Gaslight Anthem and for John Mellencamp's solo tour. I've never been to a show at the Ryman in Nashville, so that's an added treat associated with Mellencamp's show.

Captain Walrus 08-15-2010 06:45 PM

Guns N' Roses :D

InMe, playing the White Butterfly album in full :D

Ozzfest :D

mo_rizwan 08-15-2010 07:45 PM

Linkin Park - O2 Arena

Looking forward to this one :)

VanJovi 08-28-2010 10:03 AM

Got tickets for Stereophonics at Hammersmith Apollo on October 18th, they will be performing the entire P & C album. Sooooo looking forward to it! :)

C'monFeet 08-28-2010 07:00 PM

Jason Robert Brown

dcj28 08-28-2010 07:14 PM

Going to see Y&T in October if it goes ahead as Phil Kennemore(bass) has been diagnosed with cancer. He is undergoing treatment so lets hope it all goes well.

Jim Bon Jovi 08-31-2010 01:27 AM


Originally Posted by VanJovi (Post 1012049)
Got tickets for Stereophonics at Hammersmith Apollo on October 18th, they will be performing the entire P & C album. Sooooo looking forward to it! :)

Damn that sounds great.

Providing I can get a flight home the day that the school breaks up in December, I'll be home just in time to catch the James gig :D

Sambo-Chris 09-02-2010 10:58 PM

The Gaslight Anthem in Berlin on Nov. 5, 2010.

yomamasofat 09-03-2010 04:37 AM

I got me the 39 bucks U2 ticket!

milomom 09-10-2010 05:17 PM

Styx . . . I'm having flashbacks to high school. :p They'll be playing both The Grand Illusion and Pieces of Eight in full.

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