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Drew 10-03-2002 01:18 AM

Real Life CD Single
Does anyone know what the b-sides were to the Real Life CD single? Seen it online and was just wondering if it was worth buying?

Mike 10-03-2002 01:24 AM

U get an instrumental version of Real Life, & KTF Live from a Christmas show in New Jersey in 1992.


datmar 10-03-2002 08:54 AM

It depends on the version you've found.

It can be either this one Mike wrote about (with KTF live and RL album version) or the one that contains non-BJ tracks as B-sides (Been Hurt by Muzzle and Streetwalkin' Ed by Randy Edelman). These were the commercial versions available in stores.

There were also some promo versions - as far as I remember one had no additional tracks, one had KTF live, one had RL album version.

walter 10-03-2002 09:39 AM

but every fan needs to have this track, classic BJ in the nineties

Mike 10-03-2002 11:28 AM

I actually went & listened to this last night after reading this post. Does KTF cound really fast to anyone else??

Could be 'cos I was tired, but compared to other versions it seemed like it was on speed or something.


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