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eheaps 09-22-2005 01:59 AM

I got their greatest hits 2 disc set a few weeks ago, i love almost every song on there, especially though, Photograph, and Foolin' and Amrageddon It.

Rob 09-22-2005 02:02 AM


Originally Posted by Stratocaster
"And I Want, And I Need, And I Lust..." even... lol - trust me dude.. I used to think it was 'and i love' at first. Some poor sap is bound to think it says 'and i love animals' lol.

Haha, there's a few DL songs that I'm not sure of the lyrics. Hysteria is one of my faves too.

Jon is gorgeous 10-05-2005 10:54 PM

oh yes great thread they are my fave band after jovi!!
i prefer all the stuff with steve clark! he is one fo my heroes and i sorely miss him
my fave songs are too late and gods of war

has anyone checked out the me and my wine video? it is so hilarious
def leppard are class

Stratocaster 10-06-2005 08:28 PM

second favourite band here also :) Never seen them live though - thats why Im hoping they'll hit the UK again asap. I've been listening to X alot recently.. I got that imported there are some good tracks on there.

Mongoose 10-06-2005 08:58 PM

Def who? What?

Stratocaster 10-07-2005 07:33 PM

given your location.. I'm taking that as a sarcastic comment...

Dave 1986 10-11-2005 01:13 PM

For those of you who are interested, I just read on the official site that the new covers album Yeah! is due for Spring 2006.

Wow that album's been delayed for like 2 years now. And their rehearsing for yet ANOTHER U.S. tour. Jesus guys, come back to your home turf!

danfan 10-11-2005 01:44 PM

I've always liked Def Leppard. One of my faves. Seen them live about 6 times. I saw them with Bryan Adams a couple months ago though, and believe it or not, Bryan Adams tore them a new one.

Jon is gorgeous 10-11-2005 03:23 PM

wow god i havent even seen then once :(
did you see them with steve or viv?

they are touring in england in march and i am definetely going!

has anyone heard phil collens new band? there really good!

Captain Walrus 10-11-2005 04:31 PM

I've only just got into them in the last, like, 6 months ... liking what I hear though. Would like to see them live, although I hear that their Live 8 performance was a bit crap?

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