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Hochmann 10-28-2019 04:58 AM

I need HELP regarding “Little City” movie
Hello! I’m VERY new to the forum but found no other way of trying to find out what I need to find out. I’m a songwriter and I once got inspiration from a small scene in a movie in which, I believe, Jon Bon Jovi starred.
Now, I’ve been a fan of Bon Jovi since December of 1986, in case anybody’s wondering!
So, here’s my question, pointed mostly at anybody who REALLY knows those few movies in which JBJ acted in the late 90s. I THINK this scene might belong to the movie “Little City”...
The scene in question goes something like this: it’s night, the guy and girl are walking and talking next to, I believe, a pier or some body of water. They start talking about first dates, or starting to date someone new. The MOST IMPORTANT PART is this: he tells her that it gets tiring dating new people because you ALWAYS end up telling the SAME stories to different people. Some stories make you look tough, others sweet and lovable and sensitive, others funny, etc.
Now, the reason I remember this so well and yet cannot for the life of me remember 100% which movie it is, is because a day or two after having watched that movie (which I started watching halfway through at about 2 in the morning because I had fallen asleep with the tv on!) I ended up writing a song based on that scene, a song about dating and well, pretty much what the scene talks about. The song is called “Es parte de mi” (Spanish for “It’s Something About Me”).
The song ended up being pretty important to me and I’d really like to buy the dvd of whatever movie that scene belongs to.
Of course, the movie might NOT Star JBJ but I’m about 99% sure that it DOES.
Please, can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance,


bjcrazycpa 10-28-2019 03:47 PM

Hey Sergio, nice to meet you. Oh man, I haven't watched any of Jon's movies in eons but I'm sure you are right about Little City and the scene you describe. I have it packed away on dvd somewhere ha ha. I need to watch it again to confirm.

Hochmann 10-28-2019 04:08 PM

Thank you very much and nice to meet you, too!

Vax 10-29-2019 12:21 PM

You can watch it on Vudu, YouTube or Google Play for $3.99. Amazon will let you watch it for free if you sign up for Amazon Prime.

Hochmann 10-30-2019 07:59 PM


Originally Posted by Vax (Post 1259542)
You can watch it on Vudu, YouTube or Google Play for $3.99. Amazon will let you watch it for free if you sign up for Amazon Prime.

Thank you very much but I live in Mexico City! I do have Amazon Prime but it’s not in my country’s roster of movies :(

I have in my Amazon cart to buy used (new is REALLY expensive... and it’s a dvd!) if anyone can confirm what I asked.


rickysambo 11-03-2019 10:56 AM

Look at the trailer and various details [OST etc] if all you wanna do is confirm its the same movie

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