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thesedays2014 11-02-2016 05:14 PM


Originally Posted by steel_horse75 (Post 1213090)


Worrying as this is one of the reasons I cant listen to Death Magnetic - the songs are long for longs sake.

Also people moan about JBJ lyrics but some of Metallicas when woeful are really woeful.

I think the main reason I can't listen to Death Magnetic is the horrible production. Some songs do go on a bit, but others are masterpieces. Try listening to the 'if...was on AJFA' guy on youtube [emoji6]

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rolo_tomachi 11-03-2016 07:24 PM

I love the three singles. Now Add some excitement to the rest of songs to discover. I do not want to lose the hype by some reviews, looking at the positive side....

Halo On Fire, a brooding power ballad framed by a widescreen vista that takes in mountainous crunch chords, fizzing geysers of super-fast guitar squiggle and towering volcanoes of fiery, Wagnerian excess; imagine a Game Of Thrones box set crammed into eight minutes of molten melodrama.

Am I Savage? is a gloriously ugly, scouring, relentless skull ****er with a lyric about bestial transformation and mighty Old Testament doom chords worthy of Black Sabbath.

Zombie romance lasts forever in Now That We’re Dead, a louche, leering, lightly gothic love song in which Hetfield serenades his corpse bride: ‘Now that we’re dead, my dear, we can be together.’ There are pleasing echoes of Kurt Cobain’s mordant wit here.

Awakened memories of 'One' are no coincidence: 'Confusion' treats the consequences of the war and tells of posttraumatic stress disorders. "Coming home from, pieces do not fit anymore. Make it go away, please make it go away, "Hetfield scolds. The lamenting solo rips along, marching drums and ominous guitars frame the song with epochal paint.

Here Comes Revenge. A revenge anthem, in which madness and hatred seethe. The stanzas of the biting midtempo song sounded rather reduced, massive drums and a rich bass support a crisp sounding Hetfield, which lines like "Here comes revenge, just for you. Revenge, you can not undo ", before a siren-like solo finishes the number.

The album ends on a high with Spit Out The Bone, a monumental Gormenghast of dystopian thrash nihilism with a lyric celebrating humanity’s extinction at the hands of genocidal machines. ‘Utopian solution!’ Hetfield barks, ‘finally cure the Earth of Man!’ Exhilaratingly noisy and steeped in gleefully negative punker attitude, it’s a welcome reminder of Metallica at their uncompromising best.

METALLICA Fans React To 'Hardwired... To Self-Destruct' Album (Video)

Interview with James hetfield

rolo_tomachi 11-06-2016 11:36 PM


Extensive Professional Impressions from the Hardwired (Track by Track)

These impressions are taken from multiple news outlets, they are not my own. For easier reading I've taken the most important information from each article and condensed it into one large post rather than copy pasting it all, once again thank the people over at MetForum for finding all of this. I'm also going to omit information on the already released songs in the interest of space
Update #1: A bit more info on the songs, including more lyrical snippets, will update if and when I find more.

Update #2:Added some of the impressions from the TeamRock review, in addition to rewriting the entire track by track so that its more concise, easier to read and less redundant, I'll try to keep updating it with new information, but this does take some time in addition to my real world responsibilities

Update #3: Added some final thoughts that have been pretty consistent among reviews in addition to some of the Fifth member impressions and added a tad more context to the TeamRock impressions

- Now That We're Dead:A Cobain-esque witty, louche, leering lightly gothic zombie love song with killer riffs, a subdued pace, tribal gallping and “legit” drum work alongside some groove oriented Iommi styled guitar work. The song also features a lush instrumental, harmonious sections and a Dio-esque melody in the bridge before speeding up a bit near the finish line. The song structure is simple and its emphasized across multiple reviews as possibly being a new fan favorite as its likened to ‘Black Album’ and ‘Enter Sandman’ but with a bit more force and thrash. Lyrical Snippet: “Now that we’re dead, my dear we can be together”

- Dream No More: A stomping, fat, mid-tempo dark and twisted Cthulu themed track full of rich imagery of black seas, torture and damnation seemingly in vein of “The Thing that should not be” with its sluggish musical background and also not unlike “Sad But True” but with a slow, gloomy and groove oriented intro. A tough monster of a track, incredibly weighty with some vocals even sounding disoriented. Lyrical Snippet: “Cthulu awaken! Wake, dreaming no more” (Hetfield sounds monster like here) “You turn to stone, cannot look away!” “You turn to stone-madness, they say Cthulu awaken!”

- Halo On Fire: A brooding ‘One’ like power ballad that’s emotionally charged and epic that opens with clean vocals, and a melodic and soft guitar riff before picking up in its latter half with super-fast guitar solos, molten melodrama and heavy guitar work. Thick grooves, pounding drums and guitars are not lacking on this track. It also has more intricate sections and twists than any other song on the album. Lyrically it’s very powerful and catchy with a simplistic chorus. Lyrical snippet: “Oh halo on fire, the midnight knows it well” “Hello darkness, say goodbye”

- Confusion: A song not thematically unlike One or Disposable Heroes, musically its stands among Disposable Heroes and Death Magnetic. The lyrics deal with war and post-traumatic stress disorder. A seven minute growling and gloomy fast track complete with bombastic riffs, marching drums and “vintage” riffs in vein of “Am I Evil”. Kirk’s guitar work is likened to his work on “AJFA”. Lyrical Snippet: “Confusion, all sanity is now beyond me. My life, the war that never ends” “Coming home, pieces do not fit anymore. Make it go away, please make it go away”

- ManUnKind: The only track where Rob Trujillo is given writing credits with a riff that has some Iron Maiden essence and a bassline introduction that’s reminiscent of “Load/Reload” (In a good way). A more progressive track complete with an odd time signature and likened to “AJFA” and ‘Black Album’ with many starts and stops. It also has a tinge of hard rock groove that’s also reminiscent of the “Load/Reload” era. ‘The God that failed’ ‘My friend Misery’ are works in Metallica’s catalogue that are referenced alongside an artist like “Rage Against the Machine”. There are chunky, jazz like staccato riffs and the solo is ‘rhythmically trickled”. It’s a very special song. The song is all about measuring mankind’s cruel nature. Lyrical Snippet: “I’ve become hostage to my mind, I’ve left myself behind, faith in manUNkind!”

- Here Comes Revenge:A biblical mid-tempo revenge anthem with changing dynamics and a riff reminiscent of “Harvester of Sorrow” and a pre chorus among the likes of “Leper Messiah” that later picks up the pace early Metallica style. Again likened to “AJFA” and “Black Album”. A song that deal with the relationship between Cain and Abel and thus follows are themes of revenge, forgiveness and the eye for an eye mentality. James adopts an aggressive vocal style for this track and the song doesn’t reach its conclusion without a great solo. Lyrical snippet: “You ask for forgiveness/I always ask for revenge” “He was Abel, I was Cain” “Here comes revenge, just for you. Revenge you can not undo”

- Am I Savage: A high point of the album that’s been heavily praised, opening with a clean intro before becoming a gloriously ugly, scouring, relentless skull ****er (Direct quote, I promise) that heavily channels Black Sabbath. Groovey, but not complicated and without any dramatic twists, just uncompromisingly heavy and yet still Metallica at their most melodic. Lyrical Snippet: “Am I Savage? Scratching at the door. I don’t recognize you anymore”

- Murder One: Approaching the end of the expansive album comes a tribute to Lemmy that uses Motorhead titles for lyrics, another mid-tempo song (To TeamRock’s displeasure) that sounds like it could’ve been a collaboration between Motorhead and Metallica. Riffs O’ plenty. Lyrical Snippet: “The man in black, born to lose” “Aces wild, aces high, all the aces till you die” “Murder all, murder one, gimme murder, second class to none” “Till the end, finished living to win”

- Spit Out the Bone: The unrelenting conclusion to “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct” closes the door the way the titular track hardwired opened it, fast and without mercy. Running alongside ‘Damage Inc’ and ‘Battery’ the dystopian thrash metal track stops for no one while taking multiple unexpected turns. Pure up tempo speed metal complete with drums that mimic automatic weaponry, breakneck solos and a youthful Hetfield that harkens back to the days of “Kill Em All” and Kill Em All they will indeed as the song prophesizes mankind’s extinction by machine. Lyrical Snippet: “Finally cure the earth of man. Exterminate, speeding up the revolution. Long live machine, the future supreme. Man overthrown, Spit out the bone”

Final Thoughts:

One reviewer believes its their best in 20, possibly 25 years.

One reviewer thinks its good, doesn't love it

Reviewer 3 says its a more focused Metallica, some songs are long and structurally complicated, but it feels spontaneous and natural. Likens the whole album to Black (As did the previous two) also believes it sonically has more muscle (Probably in relation to Death Magnetic and maybe also St.Anger)

TeamRock doesn't love it either, but it seems to be mostly due to the songs being long and for the most part on the mid-tempo side rather than all being speedy in addition to it being a dark and gloomy album lyrically. So keep your expectations in check and if you don't like long Metallica songs, looks like you're ****ed shit outta luck

What's been consistent in reviews is that the album is thematically quite dark (Which you could probably tell by these song descriptions) the songs are a lot more reminiscent of their older work while doing new things. James explores his vocal abilities more on this album across multiple songs in different ways, more focused than Death Magnetic:Not as speedy or excessive.

Opinions on which songs are the best/worst changes across most reviews.
Thoughts from fifth members: Paraphrasing here: Hardwired is entirely its own monster, doesn't feel too much like anything they've done before, vocals and leads interact in really interesting ways, vocal delivery is different too. No song feels out of place, the album feels cohesive. It's got the groove of 90's albums but with more weight and heft. Impressive production (No Death Magnetic repeat, perhaps this is also why it gets so many Black album shoutouts). It's also not an album for those who loved Lords of Summer, its for those that were like "**** that song!". Really dark subject matter and godzilla sized head ripping riffs. CREDITS: SyfeMusic

thesedays2014 11-08-2016 08:07 PM

Can't wait [emoji4]

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KSantaFe 11-09-2016 04:16 AM

Damn, that's got me properly excited! Thanks for that Rolo. With all this talk of groove, bombastic riffs and automatic-weaponry drumming - coupled with the comparisons to Harvester of Sorrow, Sad But True, Damage Inc., Disposable Heroes, Load/ReLoad etc. - this may shape up to be one of my favourites!

rolo_tomachi 11-10-2016 08:42 PM

Kerrang Magazine Review. 5/5.


Italians Fan Club have listened to the album this week through a special pass. This is the impression of one of them.

"Describe how it feels to listen to new metal music ... I think it's impossible. Each one has its own fixed ones, the ones to solve, its own demons that kicking inexorably on their own passions, I mean, I have mine! And when it comes to metallica it's like jumping from 5,000 meters without a parachute. And Jesus, I wonder if it will open. At that time, however, all of life happens to you from starting like a thunder in, a cyclone of immense dimensions that sweeps everything.

No, I will not write the review of the album; why?? Why I am an incoherent after a single listen! Twenty years ago, "Load" I repudiated and for many years it was so; Today I love it! Other times and other musical mentality. Can not make the same mistake today! Consistency tells me that each of us has to make his own mental path, must absorb that energy that the band spits and make it own ... for good or for bad.

Do not ask questions such as "what do I expect from the band ??" "Will the past come back?" "Will they still be able to have that spark?" None of this ... within 9 days you will hear, listen, listen and catalyze the entire disc within your soul, after that, your moods will do.

Understand how you will feel.

I can only tell you that it is very musical and that the three singles who came out do not fully reflect the rest of the album, have I surprised you by saying this? I was surprised to hear that too!."

rolo_tomachi 11-11-2016 03:07 PM

Antman 11-12-2016 11:32 PM

Can't wait for the album. Atlas Rise and Moth To The Flame are awesome, like the way Metallica should be. Only a few more sleeps.

LarryBJ 11-12-2016 11:38 PM


Originally Posted by Antman (Post 1214549)
Can't wait for the album. Atlas Rise and Moth To The Flame are awesome, like the way Metallica should be. Only a few more sleeps.

It has leaked

Antman 11-12-2016 11:48 PM


Originally Posted by LarryBJ (Post 1214551)
It has leaked

Nah not tempted. I've got it on pre-order and can wait till late next week.

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