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Bucketfinck78 09-26-2020 09:45 AM

Alternative Tracklists
Bon jovi often leaves very good songs from the final tracklist. It would be nice to see other suggestions for tracks and sequencing. I think the albums that improve most are Crush and Bounce with som re-arrangements.

No Regrets
Hook me up
Right side of wrong
Another reason to believe
Misunderstood (single version)
Love me back to life
Post ards from the wastwlands

steel_horse75 09-26-2020 09:48 AM

No version of Bounce should have Right Side....

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bonjovi90 09-26-2020 11:57 AM

The only songs I guess I would've wanted to be there were Postcards From The Wasteland and We Can Dance.
I've often said that some of the left-out rockers were so much better. But for me, a lot of slow songs on there as well as these tracks like Standing or Another Reason seem so shallow and bland. Could be the production as well, but while I really mourn that a killer rocker like Neurotica failed to make Crush, it doesn't make a difference to me with Bounce if they're on there or not.

Bucketfinck78 09-26-2020 12:33 PM


One wild night
Its my life
Dont wanna live forever
Next 100 years
Just older
Say it isnt so
Welcome to the good times

rolo_tomachi 09-27-2020 03:53 PM

01 Its My Life
02 Just Older
03 Thank You For Lovin Me
04 Two Story Town
05 One Wild Night
06 Next 100 Years
07 Mystery Train
08 I got The Girl
09 Captain Crash and Beautiful Queen of Mars
10 Temptation
11 Neurotica
12 I Could Make a Living Out Loving You
13 Real Life (Bonus Track)

01 Unvidided
02 Everyday
03 Another Reason To Believe
04 Misunderstood
05 Alive
06 The Distance
07 Hook Me Up
08 Satellite (I know this one not 2002, but I love listening to it after Hook Me Up, I feel like they connect somehow)
09 No Regrets
10 Standing
11 Bounce

01 Have A Nice Day
02 Last Man Standing
03 I am
04 Dirty Little Secret
05 Bells of Freedom
06 I Want To Be Loved
07 Who Says you Cant Go Home
08 Welcome To Wherever You Are
09 These Open Arms
10 Unbreakable
11 Nothing

Lost Highway
01 We Got It Going On
02 Put The Boy Back In Cowboy
03 Any Other Day
04 Whole Lot Of Leavin'
05 Lost Highway
06 Make A Memory
07 Summertime
08 Lonely
09 Walk Like A Man
10 The Last Night
11 Everybody's Broken
12 I Love This Town

The Circle
01 When We Were Beautiful
02 We Werent Born to Follow
03 Work For The Working Man
04 Superman Tonight
05 Bullet
06 Thorn In My Side
07 Live Before You Die
08 BrokenPromiseland
09 Love the Only Rule
10 Happy Now
11 No Apologies
12 Learn To Love

Army Of One (change tittle of WAN Album)
01 This is Love This is Life (I hate Because We Can, and TILTIL is a great opener of album)
02 I'm With Yiou
03 Pictures of You
04 Whats Left Of Me
05 Army Of One
06 Thats What The Water Made Me
07 Room At The End Of The World
08 With These Two Hands
09 The More Things Change
10 Thick As Thieves
11 Beautiful World
12 Into The Echo

This House Is Not For Sale
01 A Teardrop To The Sea
02 We Dont Run
03 This House Is Not For Sale
04 Knockout
05 Labor Of Love
06 Born Again Tomorrow
07 Who Would You Die For
08 Fingerprints
09 Saturday Night Gave Sunday Morning
10 The Devil's In The Temple
11 God Bless This Mess
12 I Will Drive You Home
13 Take Back The Night (Bonus Track)

* As soon as 2020 comes out, and hear several times, I will make my list, although with so few bonus tracks, I will have to fill in some gaps with Walls and WWWU.

jimmyjovi89 09-27-2020 05:05 PM

For THINFS I tried to sequence the songs from a thematic POV so we start with Defiance,and leading to the Rebirth of the band.

1. We Donít Run
2. Devils in the temple
4. God Bless this mess
5.Scars on this guitar
6.Living with the Ghost
10.Born again tomorrow
11.New Years Day
12. I will drive you home
13. When we were us

Bucketfinck78 09-29-2020 07:51 PM

I love your Lost highway tracklist, think i agree on every spot! @rolotomachi

The two horrible duets had to go and Walk like a man is the second best song from this session (any other day the best)

Bucketfinck78 09-29-2020 07:57 PM


This house
Born again tomorrow
Living with the ghost
Labor of love
Devil in the temple
We dont run (BB version)
Teardrop to the sea
All hail the king
When we were us
I Will drive you home
Come on up to our house

This album is REALLY good!

cqleonardo 09-29-2020 11:28 PM

I can't believe I would take out songs from any album besides Have a Nice Day... I have a alternative version of SWW that I listen very often, it's how it is on my playlist, I always found the original tracklist kinda meh

Bad Name
Raise Your Hands
Without Love
Let It Rock
Social Disease
Never Say Goodbye
Wild In The Streets

and Have A Nice Day I would take out Wildflower and Last Cigarette for Dirty Little Secret and These Open Arms

Savvi 09-30-2020 04:06 PM

So many gems left off the original track listings.

Controversial opinion - I think the off cuts of Bounce and These Days are over rated.

Slippery When Wet
01. Let It Rock
02. You Give Love a Bad Name
03. Livin' on a Prayer
04. Borderline
05. Social Disease
06. Raise Your Hands
07. Wanted Dead or Alive
08. Without Love
09. I'd Die For You
10. Wild in the Streets
11. Edge of a Broken Heart
12. Never Say Goodbye

New Jersey
01. Lay Your Hands On Me
02. Bad Medicine
03. Born to Be My Baby
04. Living In Sin
05. Blood on Blood
06. Love Is War
07. Wild Is the Wind
08. Backdoor to Heaven
09. Stick to Your Guns
10. I'll Be There For You
11. 99 in the Shade
12. House of Fire

Keep the Faith
01. I Believe
02. Keep the Faith
03. Good Guys Don't Always Wear White
04. In These Arms
05. Bed of Roses
06. If I Was Your Mother
07. Dry County
08. Starting All Over Again
09. Fear
10. I Want You
11. Black It on the Love of Rock n Roll
12. Outlaws of Love

01. It's My Life
02. Say It Isn't So
03. Thank You For Loving Me
04. Two Story Town
05. Next 100 Years
06. Just Older
07. Temptation
08. Save the World
09. Captain Crash
10. Last Chance Train
11. Neurotica

12. One Wild Night

Have a Nice Day
01. Have a Nice Day
02. I Want to Be Loved
03. Welcome to Wherever You Are
04. Who Says You Can't Go Home
05. Last Man Standing
06. Unbreakable
07. Nothing

08. Last Cigarette
09. I Am
10. Dirty Little Secret
11. These Open Arms

12. Story of My Life

Lost Highway
01. Lost Highway
02. Summertime
03. Make a Memory
04. Whole Lot of Leaving
05. We Got It Going On
06. Any Other Day
07. Lonely
08. Walk Like A Man

09. Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore
10. The Last Night
11. Put the Boy Back In Cowboy
12. I Love This Town

The Circle
01. We Weren't Born to Follow
02. When We Were Beautiful
03. This Is Love This Is Life
04. Superman Tonight
05. Bullet
06. Thorn in My Side
07. Live Before You Die
08. Brokenpromiseland
09. Love's the Only Rule
10. This Is Our House
11. Happy Now
12. Learn to Love

What About Now
01. That's What the Water Made Me
02. Because We Can
03. What About Now
04. Pictures of You
05. Amen
06. I'm With You
07. Fingerprints
08. Army of One
09. Burn with Me
10. Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning
11. Beautiful World
12. Into the Echo

This House Is Not For Sale
01. We Don't Run
02. Living with the Ghost
03. Knockout
04. Goodnight New York
05. Born Again Tomorrow
06. Roller Coaster
07. Walls
08. Devil's in the Temple
09. When We Were Us
10. Real Love

11. This House is Not For Sale
12. I Will Drive You Home

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