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Sambo-Chris 01-18-2004 10:09 PM

It's great. Esp. the live version with the long(er) guitar solo.

Cowgirl77 01-18-2004 10:26 PM

I love it, it's my fave song on Bounce

Jag 01-18-2004 10:34 PM

the distance is a great song, and works brilliantly live, with richies solo (which should have been on the album) and then the acoustic with jon...very good, with great lyrics too...better then bounce live too :D

Iceman 01-18-2004 10:38 PM


Originally Posted by Supersonic
The song sucks, it's an overproduced tune.

Heh, at least there's someone else besides me who hates it. :) I don't want Bon Jovi playing Creed, let's hear some original songs for a change.


Billy Kid 01-19-2004 12:13 AM

It's a good song.Even tho I didn't like it upon first listen,it has grown on me.

I really like the message of the song.

"I'll never give up the fight,I'll go the distance"

Hell yeah!!

ugly_queen_from_mars 01-19-2004 12:42 AM

it's ok, not one of my favourites and a bit overrated! :D

jenn1189 01-19-2004 01:16 AM

It's my favorite song off Bounce and one of my top 10 (?) or so fave Bon Jovi songs. I think it's a great song that should have been released as a single. And I loved hearing live last year.

faitheveryday1984 01-19-2004 01:47 AM

I think it is the best song off Bounce. The lyrics have so much meaning to me and I can really relate to them right now. I think that is why a lot of people like it, the lyrics really hit home, as with a lot of Jovi's songs. It is awesome live both acoustically and electric. I don't think it resembles Creed's music at all. Bon Jovi have their own style and sound.

Iceman 01-19-2004 09:13 AM


Originally Posted by faitheveryday1984
I don't think it resembles Creed's music at all.

Can't remember the name of the song, but it's basically a carbon copy of a Creed song, with the same guitar sound and all...


Billy Kid 01-19-2004 10:37 AM

The song that is a Creed ripoff is "Love Me Back To Life"

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