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BJFan99 11-03-2018 11:52 AM

Anybody like the Crush Tour DVD?
I've been under the impression that the DVD isn't held at a very high regard here. I, for one, have always loved it. Of course it was one of the first releases I got from the band, so I'm sure nostalgia plays a part for me as well, but I also think that the gig is pretty damn great. For example, the OWN performance (especially the intro) is f*cking legendary:

Roses was absolutely incredible:

Jon's voice seemingly was quite shot during the encore, but his energy during KTF was astounding:

What do you think about the DVD?

Faceman 11-03-2018 12:05 PM

It was the first Jovi DVD I owned and it was at the beginning of me being a fan, too. Back then I absolutely loved it and watched it very very often.
I still like it, Next 100 Years, I'll Be There For You and Saturday Night are my highlights from this show.
But I maybe watched it twice in the last 10 years. What always annoys me with those official releases is that it's been cut together with some songs missing, some songs in a different spot...that somehow destroys the concert feeling for me. So nowadays I rather watch the complete bootleg of a show than the official DVDs.

jazzsta 11-03-2018 12:19 PM

Having been a fan since the Crossroad/TD era, the Crush era dissapointed me in that , ok you can have some hit-orientes songs (IML, SIIS, TYFLM) but I would expect the rest of the album to be a bit more edgy and interesting. On the contrary even songs that were somehow supposed to be more experimental, like Next 100 Years, seemed to have been softened in the way they were recorded. It seemed a bit forced to me as a whole (If i knew what was coming .. )

Now, I see it a bit differently, I think a lot of CRUSH is quite genuine, it was just that the actuall spirit of Jon & Ritchie at the time had become more conventional/concervative/soft, but they were actually happy so what do I have to say.

Crush DVD also my first dvd of the band, had this apparent conventionality and non-rock stardom to it. It didn't feel as "artistic" as I would want it. I cringed at the scene in BOR with the girl. I did enjoy many performances however. LOAP/YGLABN were so funny & cool at the same time.

WhamATC 11-03-2018 01:33 PM

I have never really liked it that much. There were other great nights that they could have used.

bonjovi90 11-03-2018 03:35 PM


Originally Posted by WhamATC (Post 1246777)
I have never really liked it that much. There were other great nights that they could have used.

It's not that easy, there's a big difference between the footage you see on the screens during a show and the production they set up for an official release. There also were far better shows in 1995 than Wembley and in 2008 than Madison Square Garden.

Back to the original question: it was the first DVD we had and got me discovering the band's catalogue as a kid. Especially Born To Be My Baby was a saying I used to watch up and down.
Nowadays I don't watch it too much anymore, mainly for the reasons Faceman mentioned and because I don't like Jon's kind of arrogant "I'm also a movie star" attitude during that period.

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Dave 1986 11-03-2018 04:53 PM

It was also my first VHS of theirs when I bought it in 2001 before I upgraded to DVDs in 2002. In the UK at the time, it was their only DVD as Live from London wouldn't get a worldwide DVD release until 2003.

It was my first time seeing what the band were like live so I had no frame of reference. I didn't see Live from London until 2003 or An Evening with Bon Jovi until 2005 to see what they really were capable of.

As my sole source for live Bon Jovi, I thought it was amazing and played the hell out of the abridged VHS, and later the less-abridged DVD. It was loaded with hits and several "new" songs from Crush and as a new fan I was already up to speed with their albums at the time so I went in prepared, which in turn prepared me for when I first saw them live on the Bounce tour in 2003.

Looking back now, having seen much more of what the band are/were about live before and after that era, it's not really as special to me anymore. The performance overal is fine and Jon's voice is rather good for that era (compared to say VH1 Storytellers) but the show overall lacks energy. The crowd don't seem all that engaged and the band seem more on autopilot than anything else. The actual production/mastering of the DVD may have a part to play in this though as it seems very polished and almost artifical, compared to Live from London which was more raw and rough-around-the-edges.

The DVD itself is a great package in itself. It has an almost complete set, it still looks and sounds great (not withstanding my previous point about being too polished) even by todays standards and some nice extras. I would still recommend picking this one up if you don't already own it as you can probably buy it for pennys now. As a package in itself, it still stands up compared to other music DVD's out there, though perfomance-wise compared to other Bon Jovi live DVD's, it's a little low on the list compared to Live from London or Live at Madison Square Garden.

jazzsta 11-04-2018 12:12 PM

I am just adding some more justification as to why I was not as impressed at the time:

yes it was my first DVD of BJ live, BUT I had watched hours and hours of BJ concerts in MTV, already as since late 1994 I was all the time tuning to MTV Europe waiting to bump into BJ stuff.

So I had seen much Evening with BJ, MTV awards performances, JBJ London gig , even Rock Am Ring 1995 live, so I was quite aware of how they can kick ass live ! I had even recorded some of it in VHS and I remember being very angry when I found out that my aunt had actually erased some part by recording some morning gossip show on my damn videotape !

WhamATC 11-04-2018 12:48 PM

Zurich DVD was very good in terms of crowd, etc though. The only thing in my opinion is about the songs, vocals etc.

Bremen 2000 is pretty good in terms of setlists, vocals, etc.

liljovi93 11-04-2018 01:26 PM


Originally Posted by WhamATC (Post 1246832)
Zurich DVD was very good in terms of crowd, etc though. The only thing in my opinion is about the songs, vocals etc.

Bremen 2000 is pretty good in terms of setlists, vocals, etc.

Yeah, the crowd jumping up and down like they did at this show is something we don't see now. Just shows how much the energy of a Bon Jovi gig has dipped.

I've never been a massive fan of The Crush Tour DVD. It's not bad but it's not a WOW show like so many others.

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Rdkopper 11-04-2018 03:24 PM

I've probably listened to the audio more than I've watched the video however I agree with most of the comments above.

This is the album and tour that followed These Days (Crossroads & Destination Anywhere) so everything at the Crush point was very polished, formulated, and safe. Not saying there weren't some brilliant moments but overall, it was just different.

Jon's voice aside, I can still see elements of the Crush tour today in 2018 but If I go back to the last tour 95/96 none of that is there today.

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