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ktlee 12-05-2005 10:25 PM

Best...mmm hard Drivin home for christmas

Worst its got to be anything by Cliff Richard...he just brings out the same sappy sh*t* every bluming christmas!
In my opinion someone shoukld shove mistletoe and wine right where the sun dont shine!...or shoud that be holly for greater effect?! ;)

Miracle 12-05-2005 10:49 PM

The Chipmunks Christmas ever!

Other than the Chipmunks, O Holy Night is my favourite Christmas song. Martina McBride's version is very nice.


yomamasofat 12-06-2005 12:13 AM


Originally Posted by Becky
I think it's by a group called New Song. The voice of the song is singing about last minute shopping and this kid coming into a shoe store to buy shoes for his dying mommy so she can be "beautiful" when she meets Jesus. And he doesn't have enough money, so the guy comes to the rescue and buys the shoes. It's like saying, "Am I great or what? I bought the kid the shoes! Yea me!"

Okay, this is supposed to be a Christian band--so why are they not telling the kid that Jesus is supposed to love everyone no matter what they look like; that theologically speaking, your clothes don't make it to heaven? Jesus isn't as shallow as the person who wrote that song.

I don't think that's the point of the song... Jesus loves everyone no matter how you look like, but it is very thoughtful for the child to buy something nice for her mommy. A child, is supposedly innocent and not so well-informed about how Jesus loves everyone. The child is just being sweet to her mommy. And I think the guy who bought her shoes, the song is trying to say that there's no point being pissed off at Christmas shopping, it is not the point of Christmas. Giving happiness to others is more important. The song doesn't paint the guy as a hero whatsoever. At least not the way I see it.

To me the song is not arrogant or self-righteous, it is more like, disturbing/depressing. This would be one of the last songs I'd like to hear during Christmas because it makes me want to slit my wrists.

Yvonne 12-06-2005 11:31 AM

I dont have any particular fave and at the mo i've heard every xmas song too much already

Rob 12-06-2005 03:50 PM

In a word: They suck!

I'm not a big fan of Christmas songs at all. They do my nut in. I can't Paul McCartney going "Simply havin' a wonderful Christmas time" over and over again. Also I hate that song that just goes "Ding a ling a ling la ling" over and over again!! :mad:

Having said that there is perhaps one that I actually like which is Run Run Rudolph by Chuck Berry I think.

jenn1189 12-06-2005 07:35 PM

My favorite traditional Christmas song is Carol of the Bells. I also love the Manheim Steamroller version of Silent Night.

I love Last Christmas, Christmas Baby (Please Come Home), All I Want For Christmas is You, Rockin Around the Christmas Tree....

It's just really hard to get into the Christmas cheer right now since I still need to keep the air conditioner on because it's so freakin' hot out!

Alex 12-07-2005 09:48 AM

It's not Christmas until I've heard Wham!'s 'Last Christmas' for a bicillion times. Tacky and cheesy, but I sooooo like it. :)

allmike 12-07-2005 10:18 AM


Originally Posted by Alex
It's not Christmas until I've heard Wham!'s 'Last Christmas' for a bicillion times. Tacky and cheesy, but I sooooo like it. :)

Haha i got agree with u totally.... And i already heard once or twice this year :)

Other then that i love to play most of Abba songs during christmas... even they are not christmas songs... but i love it.....

ACtually i love most of chrsitmas songs... and even Maria Carry christmas songs :embrassed:

Dave 1986 12-07-2005 04:58 PM

I like The Darkness - Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End), and the Bon Jovi ones are nice aswell.

Mr Bluesman 12-07-2005 05:48 PM

I easily get sick of the Slade, Wham, Wizzard type songs. I can get on with The Pogues' Fairy Tale in New York and Greg Lake's I Believe in Father Christmas. I tried to convince my girlfriend that Pearl Jam's Let Me Sleep (It's Christmas Time) was how all chirstmas songs should be... but she was having none of that.

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