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Captain_jovi 09-23-2015 03:51 PM

OFFICIAL: New board rules for bannings
While it’s great to see the board buzzing with energy due to band activity and discussion the mod team has been working with the back end to figure out a way to keep things running smoothly. We’ve decided to implement short and long term bannings for repeat offenders. Here’s what will not be tolerated:

• Un-necessary bullying
• Following people from thread to thread and re-igniting issues that could be handled
over Private Messages
• Constantly derailing threads
• Offensive pictures (including ones made to attack a user)
• Creating new user names to subvert the ban and continue the fight will increase the
length of the ban."

Some of these are grey areas, obviously what’s offensive to one may not be to another. We can’t be expected to read every thread posted and scour it for words that might hurt someone else, so if you feel attacked or belittled please Private Message a Mod and it will be discussed. Should the complaint be justified a warning will be sent to the accused and the post will be removed. A short term ban will be applied if it happens again by this poster AFTER their warning. The ban length increases with each ban given.

I can’t stress enough that everyone is on the same level for this plan. Long time posters and newbies included. People have been complaining again and again that threads are getting ruined by the arguing that can be solved by just ignoring the user so we’re going to give this a go.

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