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hackster73 08-30-2007 12:04 AM

Crush & Bounce
I have been listening to these two CD's again recently.

Well I have suprised myself a bit. I actually really like 'Crush' and I like 'Bounce' too but would if given the choice have changed the track listing to make the CD flow better.

Am I alone in not liking 'Save the world' am I correct in stating that John wrote this for the Armagedon movie?

Just seems too cheesy to me and would have been better replaced with 'Stay' or 'Real life' etc.

I don't remember disliking this song before but I have to skip that one.

Ollie 08-30-2007 12:09 AM

Crush is an awesome album i think for the time of its release...its obviously no New Jersey or Keep The Faith but for where they were with their career etc... i think its great and its got many highlights on it... i think its better than any of the albums which have been released since then...

Bounce is allright...not amazing...but its got some gd songs on...

zero_zero_UFO 08-30-2007 12:36 AM

Crush i have never really gotten in to. but kudos because it has the last great 6 minute plus song from bon jovi - next 100 years. i miss those songs with massive guitar solos. they should have one track per album that is 6 minutes+ let richie stretch his legs - or fingers so to speak... Also i would say it is best listened to whilst driving on a sunny day. it enhances the listen about 10 times for me, don't ask me why!

Bounce i have a soft spot for because that was my first bon jovi album. but after i got all the others it did cheapen it a bit. saying that, you never forget your first time...;) so Bounce will always be a special one for me (aww sentimental fool lol)

Crushgen24/88 08-30-2007 12:37 AM

To me Crush is a great rock album.
I know that's not a popular opinion, but it always has been one of my favorites (as anyone who reads my sig can see).
As for the "Save The World" I don't love it, but I'll listen to it every once in a while.
As for Bounce, I don't hate it, but it has very distinct ups and downs.

Kathleen 08-30-2007 01:50 AM

Even as a longtime fan I always liked Crush - it's not a heavy album but it's a whole lot of fun album. Good enough for me.

I hated Bounce upon my first listening except for Undivided. I have come to like a few more of the tracks but as an album - bah - keep it. I liked some of the demos on the Target Bounce CD better than what was on the album. I wasn't even that fond of the Bounce tour - which is saying a lot for me - the live concert junkie LOL.

I probably listen to Bouce the least of all the albums except for TLFR - that never gets listened to.


Crushgen24/88 08-30-2007 02:02 AM

Just been thinking more about Bounce.
Basically, it has a few songs I really like (The Distance, Misunderstood, Joey, Right Side Of Wrong, Bounce)
A couple I don't mind (Undivided, You Had Me From Hello)
And a bunch of songs that I rarely, if ever, listen to (All About Lovin' You, Everyday, Hook Me Up, Open All Night, Love Me Back To Life)
It's a really weird mix.

bjcrazycpa 08-30-2007 04:27 AM

I think I'm the only one that LOVES Save The World. It's my favorite song on Crush. I really like Bounce as well but have to agree that songs like Postcards From The Wasteland, Breathe, We Can Dance, Another Reason To Believe, are betterh than some of the songs that did make the cut.


SSM12 08-30-2007 05:02 AM

Love me back to life i reaaaaalllyy like

i really like both albums actually

Javier 08-30-2007 05:16 AM

It' kind of weird for me. There are some days that I really like listening to Bounce. **** the flow, there are some great songs on there, I think it maybe a bit to bombastic in some place, and the diversity of it might make it a bit hard to listen to all the way through for some, but I really like it. And to top it all of, one of my favorite songs on it, it's one of the most hated on here (Open All Night). Also, Undivided stands as one of my favorite post-2000 songs.

Crush, it's a lot of fun in some places, I actually just realized while listening to the entire album again how good it really is, and how it only fails on certain spots like she's a mystery and save the world, but not because these are bad songs, just because they somehow make the album too soft in the middle part.

All this is IMHO.

Captain Walrus 08-30-2007 03:52 PM

Crush is my personal least favourite BJ album, but that doesn't mean I think it's bad. And it was obviously a fantastically successful album to release at the time. There are definitely things I like about it: it's got some good songs, and as has already been said, it's their last album so far to have an average song length higher than 4 minutes 30 seconds (I think). It's a good album for new fans, but once you've heard their back catalogue, you start to realise things like how much It's My Life "borrows" from Prayer, and the same with Just Older and Blood On Blood ... or how Next 100 Years wants to be Dry County but falls short, etc. The most interesting songs I reckon are the ones that try something a bit new: Two Story Town, Say It Isn't So, Captain Crash, Mystery Train, and to an extent Thank You For Loving Me (a more strings than guitar driven ballad) and One Wild Night (with its stop-start dynamics). I'm also not too keen on the way the album just sort of disintegrates in the second half ... there are a fair few demos that would have made for a better flow. Of course, that does become a little understandable when you think about how many changes the album went through since it started off as JBJ's third solo album

Bounce has a special place, as it was about the time that it was first announced that I really started becoming a fan. I agree that its a bit schizophrenic and messy (and the production is far from the best), but there's a great feel of experimentalism to it ... the heavier songs like Undivided and Hook Me Up sitting alongside the epic ballads like Right Side and Joey alongside the more heavier epics like The Distance and Love Me Back To Life. I'd say it was fearless, apart from the fact that nearly all of it is put into the "short song, obvious structure" template ... although not all of it, as the fading out of instruments on Undivided or the sudden cutting out of Hook Me Up shows. While it's not nearly as a complete album as HAND, it takes more risks than that album does, and I gotta admire it for that

Dave 1986 08-30-2007 05:58 PM

Crush was the first Bon Jovi album I had. I had it for my 14th birthday, and bought Bounce on the day of it's release, just as I was starting 6th form college. I agree these albums are far from the bands best efforts, but they are still good to listen to and hold precious memories, Bounce especially.

I think Crush is a more consistant album than Bounce and perhaps more experimental than any other band album. IMO all the albums are different and have their own sound and feel, but like Walrus said, Crush is alot more daring than anything the band have really done before or since. It's one of my least favourite albums and I do think it slows down too much half way through and barely picks up by the end. However, I do have a soft spot for it and I still play it now and again. Neurotica is THE best 2000+ track they've ever done! :cool:

I don't agree that Bounce was a second-rate Crush in that it followed the same formula. anyone who says that must have only heard the singles from both albums. Crush and Bounce are NOTHING alike.

I liked Bounce because it was alot heavier and the energy was really pumping on some of the tracks (Undivided/Hook Me Up/Bounce) which Crush kinda lacked. Undivided can still send a shiver down the spine and I like how "angry" it sounds. I love The Distance aswell, i think it's a great little mimi-epic song if you will, and I love the guitar work on there, and I don't mind Misunderstood at all. Yes it is an uneven album, whereas Crush stayed at a more balanced level, but I think that's what makes me more interested in Bounce, there are so many layers to it.

Overall, these albums were both successful sales-wise and tour-wise, but they won't be as memorable as Slippery, Jersey or Faith, but who knows, 10 years time there may me some kind of cult following for the albums, similar to that of 7800 Fahrenheit.

crashed 08-30-2007 06:43 PM

I think the difference between these 2 albums and the earlier ones is that on the earlier albums every single song could have been a huge hit, not so with Crush or Bounce.

But it definitely doesn't make them bad albums, no matter how much they seem to be maligned on here:

CRUSH - I remember that when this first came out was also the exact same time I found myself online and browsing boards and chatrooms here and at Bon There were many cries of Jovi's "gone pop" and some people who loved it and some people who hated it. Me, I like everything the band does to a point, and Crush isn't any different. Some of the tracks Captain Crash, Mystery Train, OWN were fantastic, but then She's A Mystery plumbed the very depths of rubbish, cheesy, spew-inducing love songs. I'm bored with IML these days, but when it first came out, I loved it. So it's an album of a lot of good, fun rock tunes - not a "pop" album in any sense - and certainly no more commercial than anything else Jovi's done.

BOUNCE - Remember that first little snippet of Everday that was doing the rounds? from Kiss FM or somewhere like that I think. When I first heard that, it sounded like the hardest thing Jovi had ever done - and the album continued a similar theme. Undivided, Everyday, Hook Me Up - they're some of the heaviest songs the band have ever gotten into. Unfortunately, the dirge like Open All Night and All About Lovin' You really let the album down (sorry for those who like AALY, it's okay, but tried too hard to be Always and wasn't). I honestly think The Distance should have been the lead single. It had that great lyrics and that sweeping sing-along chorus that just takes me away every time I hear it. I wish they'd played the full version on tour rather than the more acoustic stripped down version it seemed to be. Just glad I got to hear it at SBE in all its glory.

So my verdict is that neither are bad albums, and in fact, both of them have some amazing songs. The problem is the scattering of poorer tracks letting the side down and for some reason its those everyone seem to focus on.

Alphavictim 08-30-2007 06:53 PM

Bounce is the better album. The production is horrible, and it doesn't really flow, but the songs are better. Some very good ones (Undivided, Bounce), some good ones (Misunderstood, Hook Me Up, The Distance) and some forgotten gems (Postcards From The Wasteland, Joey) - it's a nice album. The second half of Crush is horrible, or at least very boring - the album has It's My Life, OWN, Two Story Town and Thank You. I used to really like Next 100 Years, but other than the guitar solo, it's pretty weak, especially the structure. Both albums are, despite their flaws, way better than LH, though.

TheseDays2005 08-30-2007 07:14 PM

I still think that with Crush they outsold themselves. It was different then with Faith. They always were a commercial band but with Crush they outdid themselve. Maybe its a better album then 7800 but give me the latter one any day, it just sounds more sincere, yeah that is how I feel about Crush, its so fake.

They tried to get back on Bounce, I admit that, songs itself are OK, some good (undivided) but imo on that album they were stuck between the fake crush side and a 'real' sincere side.

Wrath Mania 09-01-2007 01:26 AM

HAND is my favorite post-2000 album, and objectively I think their best of the new millenium as well. Generally a strong theme runs throughout the album, the first six tracks are spectacular, and the only track I can't listen to is Complicated... but it does fit the theme of the album. My only problem with HAND is the pacing in the second half. Novocaine makes little sense to come after I Am and Wildflower, IMO. But other than that, a tremendous album in my opinion. I put it up with KTF, These Days, and NJ, seriously.

Lost Highway is a very complete album as well (and flows the best out of all the post-2000 albums), but I prefer the sound they took with HAND. The other problem I have with LH is that nearly every track has a quiet bridge into the outro, it gets a bit ridiculous. That and how Walk Like A Man didn't make the album when Summertime did astounds me.


But back on topic, I think Crush is a decent album, but as Walrus said, the second half it just disintegrates. I like a few tracks on Bounce, but it's a horrible album as a whole.

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