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YOVANAfromPeru 11-05-2018 12:22 AM


Originally Posted by jazzsta (Post 1246830)
I was quite aware of how they can kick ass live ! I had even recorded some of it in VHS and I remember being very angry when I found out that my aunt had actually erased some part by recording some morning gossip show on my damn videotape !

Being fan in the 90ís was so cool
beside audio/video
of course I took pictures of my TV, my mom revealed the pictures and all went black... She was so angry, eventually I gave her her money back lol

and about the DVD I like Two story town live with that super easy outro by JBJ hihi

Bleeding Purist 11-13-2018 09:10 PM

At the time, the Crush Tour dvd seemed so bland. I was happy for the new songs, but there just weren't any "wow" moments. It was very pedestrian in performance and filming (for some reason, it always looked like a Disney channel production.) Meanwhile, Live In London featured wow moments all over the place with excellent filming and performances.

I also had no love for that stage. They got it right later for the One Wild Night leg.

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