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Johny 10-03-2020 11:48 PM

The worst album opener
I think the song that opens an album is quite an essential one because it sets the tone, it hooks you up or drives you away.
I was wondering about that because of Limitless. If I weren't a fan and someone recommended me 2020, I'd stop listening to it because of that song.

Which is the worst album opener to you? Or which one doesn't introduce you to the album properly?

My opinion is that the forst song doesn't necessarily has to be the lead single. I tink it works better if it is not. I prefer a song with a bit of intro and a possible show opener. The lead single should go second.

Johny 10-04-2020 12:00 AM

Why the hell does the poll offer only 10 options?!?!?

I had to pick ten so I skipped those that are praised here (Lay Your Hands On Me, I Believe etc..) and kept those that might get some votes.

You may wonder why Hey God is there. It's because it got me confused when I was little. After I had discovered Bon Jovi I used to visit the only music mall in my city where it was possible to listen to tge CDs before you bought them. I used to spend a lot of time there just listening :D I collected my pocket money to be able to buy CD after CD. So I had to pick carefully. When I played These Days, I thought that the album is too heavy for me and I never got further than Hey God :) so it was one of the last albums I bought and I was really surprised that it's full of ballads and slow songs. I couldn't into it for a long time.

Even though Burning Bridges is rather a compilation of previously written songs (recorded and produced at once, so not a compilation album as such. Many bands would release it as their normal album) I put A Teardrop To The Sea there because it's not usual to start with a slow song and a bit dark one. So some might vote this one. I love it :) maybe if These Days started with Something To Believe In it's introduce the album better for me back then :D

thesedays2014 10-04-2020 12:09 AM

Because we can is the worst opener...I actually like the song and its positivity, but Jovi have always had great or at least good opening songs.
I think Limitless, although it’s a ‘limited’ song, opens well...Hey God? Best opener to the best album ❤️

bonjovi90 10-04-2020 12:18 AM

I hate both Because We Can and Limitless with passion, so I have a hard time choosing. But as repetitive and bubblegum-like Limitless may be, I think I'll go with Because We Can. Simply because it was at a time where I still had high hopes, really was anticipating the release and then felt so let-down by this track. Most of the other opening tracks, I'm okay with.

bounce442 10-04-2020 12:19 AM

I voted Limitless because it is their worst single ever and probably worst opener but Teardrop to the Sea sure is close

Butters 10-04-2020 11:30 AM

Limitless followed by WWBTF. Both songs are boring, are disconnected from the rest of the album, and do not properly introduce the listener to what is to come.

I Believe, and Hey God, are perfect opening tracks because they portend what is to come and are real statements of intent.

YOVANAfromPeru 10-04-2020 11:45 AM

Lost Highway is worse than Born To Follow.

rolo_tomachi 10-04-2020 11:52 AM

Because We Can is the worst single and worst opener of an Album.

But I don't like how Lost Highway starts either, the song is ok, but it's not a great opener, neither for the album nor for the shows. Even though We Got It Going On isn't a great song, I feel like it's a perfect song to open an album.

Limitless is not a terrible opener, in fact if Beautiful Drug didn't exist, Limitless would be my opener choice ... but I agree with you that Beautiful Drug does it better.

The Circle, my favorite post2000 album, could have opened with WWWB and then We Werent Born To Follow as track2.

The order of the first three songs on Burning Bridges is perfect for me.

Apart from this, an alternative to Hey God could have been All I want is Everything, especially in live shows. And Last Man Standing would have worked very well as an opener from Album.

liljovi93 10-04-2020 02:07 PM

The last few have been. I actually really like A Teardrop as an opener.

Hate WWBTF, Lost Highway, Because We Can & Limitless, though. I'd probably go with Because We Can I think.

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Faceman 10-04-2020 02:50 PM

Lost Highway, We Weren't Born To Follow and Because We Can really didn't set the bar very high.
But Limitless to me is the worst one of bad album opener.

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