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choclady 09-05-2007 10:14 AM

MUSE in Denver :D

asok80 09-05-2007 10:59 AM

Bruce! of course for December shows in Stockholm and London.

Last show I saw was Chris Cornell in Stockholm. Awesome!

Becky 09-12-2007 01:19 AM

Big & Rich! And that makes me very happy. :) Of course, I'd be happier if I could find decent tickets at a decent price a couple of the BJ Newark shows.

Crushgen24/88 09-12-2007 01:23 AM

Springsteen, on October 18.

Kathleen 09-12-2007 01:25 AM

Hmm... let's see - piles of Bruce tickets the last few days woohoo :mrgreen:

Keep checking Becky - ticketmaster will usually drop some tickets closer to the concerts. And of course ticket prices will drop on e-bay the closer the date gets.

Becky 09-12-2007 01:47 AM

And by then, airfare will skyrocket. LOL Maybe I should just book my flight (direct!!! whoo hoo) and worry about tickets when I get there. AS IF my OCD self could cope with that. :lol:

Crushgen24/88 09-12-2007 01:55 AM

There's tickets for some shows still on TN.
I just found two 49.00 ones for November 9.

zero_zero_UFO 09-12-2007 03:03 AM

Foo Fighters :D :D :D now i just have to try and not die of excitement between now and november

spunkywho 09-12-2007 08:04 AM


Originally Posted by asok80 (Post 771159)
Last show I saw was Chris Cornell in Stockholm. Awesome!

really? how so?

I actually passed on cornell tickets - I still can't believe it....

Black Crowes in October.

asok80 09-20-2007 12:32 PM

He has just such a beautiful voice and a great charisma. He played a small venue of approx. 3000 people so it was quite intimate and intense.
I saw Soundgarden way back in 96 but this was soo much better IMO, especially when he does a few acoustic songs.

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