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Kev 09-01-2005 09:59 PM

Please Read - General Board Etiquette / File Sharing / Selling / User Bannings
Dear JoviTalk users.

The Admin and Moderator team would like to make it as clear as possible that NO files are to be shared on JoviTalk. No officials. No bootlegs. None whatsoever. There will be NO exceptions to the rule.

For a number of years, JoviTalk has a hidden The File Sharing community. This forum has now been removed from JoviTalk a number of years back and yet since then, some users STILL decide upon themselves to post links to download songs, videos etc. This is why we feel the need to address this further.

I would just like to make everyone aware of the File Sharing Policy here at JoviTalk. Most users accept this rule, although some users feel they have the right to ignore it and push their luck. Since the removal of the File Sharing Forum, users are no longer authorised to post links to download official, live, bootleg or any other type of music or video file. This goes for mp3, wma, wmv, mpg, avi, flac etc.

The owner of Dry County and JoviTalk, Peter has expressed his wishes and has asked us to ensure that NO files are to be shared here. This measure has been brought in to keep this board alive. If users continue to share files, then he risks losing the board completely and that will ruin it for everybody else. Don't let that person be you.

We therefore kindly ask you to refrain from ANY FURTHER file sharing. We have been fairly lenient over the last few months with the release of Bon Jovi's tenth studio album 'Lost Highway', and now we are back in business to ensure that ALL REQUESTS AND DOWNLOAD LINKS are kept completely away from the message board.

Please think twice about posting any others, as they WILL be removed wthout warning.

There are other places on the Internet to download music or video files, JoviTalk is NOT of these sites. and under no circumstances should files be shared via this site. If you wish to discuss sharing music amongst users, then please use PM or email. The public forums are NOT the place to be discussing sharing files. You may wish to try Peer2Peer programs, or use Google as a place to seak files or websites containing official/bootleg material.

The only time when a user may post a link to music or video, is when this material is being STREAMED from the internet (Not available for download). Please use Google to find ways to rip/record this material if necessary.

I hope this is clear enough for everyone and please respect the wishes of Peter and the Mod-team.

Thank You for reading
The Admin/Moderator Team (Update: June 2007)

Becky 12-06-2010 03:41 AM

Reminder: No Selling On This Forum
This is not the place to come if you want to sell your collection to other fans.

Captain_jovi 09-14-2015 06:41 PM

Please read - board etiquette
Hey everyone,

Things have escalated to an overly silly point. I can’t believe it’s come to the point but I wanted to refresh everyone on common net etiquette:

1) Please don’t follow people from thread to thread hurling insults. It clutters up discussions and that’s not fair to anyone

2) There is an ignore function, if you simply can’t stand the person please use it.

3) It’s okay to disagree with someone, it shouldn’t come to insulting the other’s intelligence. Condescending remarks only throw oil on the fire. We’re here to discuss, not show off what we know and act like be-all-know-all fans. Leave the conversation if you don’t want to contribute.

This place is finally bouncing back, if we need to make stricter rules we will. The mod team is here to help, not scold people.

Captain_jovi 09-23-2015 04:51 PM

OFFICIAL: New board rules for bannings
While it’s great to see the board buzzing with energy due to band activity and discussion the mod team has been working with the back end to figure out a way to keep things running smoothly. We’ve decided to implement short and long term bannings for repeat offenders. Here’s what will not be tolerated:

• Un-necessary bullying
• Following people from thread to thread and re-igniting issues that could be handled
over Private Messages
• Constantly derailing threads
• Offensive pictures (including ones made to attack a user)
• Creating new user names to subvert the ban and continue the fight will increase the
length of the ban."

Some of these are grey areas, obviously what’s offensive to one may not be to another. We can’t be expected to read every thread posted and scour it for words that might hurt someone else, so if you feel attacked or belittled please Private Message a Mod and it will be discussed. Should the complaint be justified a warning will be sent to the accused and the post will be removed. A short term ban will be applied if it happens again by this poster AFTER their warning. The ban length increases with each ban given.

I can’t stress enough that everyone is on the same level for this plan. Long time posters and newbies included. People have been complaining again and again that threads are getting ruined by the arguing that can be solved by just ignoring the user so we’re going to give this a go.

Bounce7800 12-10-2018 11:18 AM

Can everyone please re-read and ensure you are clear on the above.

It is very tiresome to log on to the forum in the morning and see a whole bunch of nonsense and insults. These will be deleted or moved going forwards.

Rudeness/disrespecting or just general insulting will lead to a ban. RDKopper, this means you, some of your posts are unacceptable - any further of these will lead to a ban.

Yovannafromperu- We may be too old for your scattergun posting style, but you have been asked many times by mods and other members to not just clog up threads with nonsense. Take these to PM or the Non-Bon Jovi thread so the rest of us don't have to scroll through pages of this stuff. Again, if this is ignored it may result in a temporary ban.

Everyone else - it's coming up to Christmas, try and be nice to each other.


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