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rolo_tomachi 08-27-2016 08:42 PM

Foo Fighters - Somethng From Nothing -Alternative Intro

Pretty Cool opening guitar.

angelsambo 09-21-2016 06:55 PM

Ghost - Square Hammer Ghost - Square Hammer

C'monFeet 09-24-2016 08:46 PM

JRB & Ariana.

Sutton Foster's jawdropping Anything Goes rehearsal.

C'monFeet 09-24-2016 08:54 PM


C'monFeet 09-24-2016 08:59 PM

Life During Exodus

From the mashup album ZONKEY, UM's latest concoction. "Life During Wartime" (Talking Heads) + "Exodus" (Bob Marley) + "City of Tiny Lites" (Frank Zappa) + ​"​25 or 6 to 4" (Chicago​)​​. More details & pre-order:

C'monFeet 10-03-2016 07:53 PM

This is really good and in 3d.

rolo_tomachi 10-08-2016 08:21 PM

Listening to the last Europe era, fantastic songs.

angelsambo 10-09-2016 05:36 AM

Sting - I Can't Stop Thinking About You

rolo_tomachi 10-19-2016 08:57 PM

"In 1977, Queen recorded a fast version of We Will Rock You for the BBC's John Peel..." VERY COOL.

angelsambo 11-21-2016 03:44 AM

mo_rizwan 11-21-2016 02:26 PM

Becky 12-29-2016 03:34 AM

For the record, I am most definitely NOT a Jason Aldean fan, this just popped up while I was on youtube looking for other things.

Panda 12-31-2016 01:47 AM


Originally Posted by Becky (Post 1216607)
Jason Aldean ~ Wanted Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi Cover) - YouTube

For the record, I am most definitely NOT a Jason Aldean fan, this just popped up while I was on youtube looking for other things.

Wow that solo had zero balls. And then the ending solo just showed the dude with the black guitar to be even more sloppy

WILDJOVIMAN 01-02-2017 01:48 PM

my new baby.. i hope you like it...

Savvi 03-31-2017 02:26 AM

I must have listened to this about 30 times in the last 7 days. It's a BEAUTIFUL rendition of a timeless classic.

Walleris 06-08-2017 06:10 PM

Great cover version of a pop song that much suprasses the original. I'm still amazed how two dudes from One Direction (Harry and Niall) are two of my favorite "new" acts of 2017!

rolo_tomachi 08-13-2017 02:58 PM

Stone Sour (Corey Taylor) Song #3 (Acoustic Version)

Walleris 11-27-2017 06:22 AM

Great song by a great band. If you still think they're some emo punk-rockers for teenagers, educate yourself:

angelsambo 01-05-2018 03:22 AM

W.E.T. - "Watch the Fire" (Official Music Video)

angelsambo 01-06-2018 01:21 PM

H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

bonjovi90 01-06-2018 03:47 PM


Originally Posted by angelsambo (Post 1232250)
H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown - YouTube

Saw them last November in the nearby city Aschaffenburg. One hell of a show and the singer has a stunning voice!

Walleris 02-18-2018 05:37 PM

This has been stuck in my head for days!

A very simple pop ballad, but a stunningly good one for my ears.

bonjovi90 02-25-2018 12:34 AM

Every once and then there's this song that sticks with you and you listen to it all day it long. Happens to me (at that excess) maybe once or twice a year. Today I stumbled across this one on Youtube. Great pop/rock ballad. Quite melancholic (but I always falls for this kind of tracks).

bwehehehe 02-26-2018 02:17 PM

For those who dig dream pop/shoegaze:

angelsambo 03-21-2018 11:02 PM

Dokken "It's Just Another Day" (Official Music Video)

angelsambo 04-02-2018 07:47 PM

Crashdïet - Beautiful Pain live 2018

luceknight 04-02-2018 09:27 PM

Any Eagles fans around?

angelsambo 04-06-2018 03:20 AM

Godsmack - Bulletproof (Director's Cut)

Godsmack - Bulletproof

angelsambo 04-08-2018 08:36 PM

In A Darkened Room - Skid Row 15/03/2018 Cardiff, Wales

angelsambo 04-14-2018 01:31 AM

Ghost - Rats (Official Music Video)

angelsambo 05-06-2018 02:14 PM

Ghost - Riverside Auditorium - 5-5-18 - Dance Macabre WORLD PREMIERE

angelsambo 05-27-2018 12:53 AM

Godsmack - Under Your Scars

MarcDLV 06-04-2018 12:10 AM

My new single!!
This is ny new single it will be out in 2 weeks in Canada!

bonjovi90 06-15-2018 12:37 AM

I'm not really fan of No Doubt, but the song "Don't Speak" is probably the one pretty much everyone knows (at least here in Europe). Recently I saw a documentary where they told that the song was about the bassist breaking up with Gwen Stefani and that they hated it becoming such a hit because they had to perform it together for two years non-stop. I then looked up this live performance and it's one of the most intense performance I've ever seen. Could be the definition of "living a song":

angelsambo 08-17-2018 04:34 PM

DORO - It Cuts So Deep (OFFICIAL VIDEO) co-written by David Bryan

belgium_BON_JOVI_fan 08-17-2018 11:24 PM

A friend of mine recorded her first video

A cover of a painting In Paris by arrested youth :)

I really like it check it out :)

Keep the faith,


rolo_tomachi 08-18-2018 07:32 PM

Awesome Sebastian vocals and performance. Sound pretty cool, very stimulating, great band. Year 2012.

angelsambo 10-13-2018 06:16 PM

Jason Becker - Valley Of Fire (Official Music Video)

angelsambo 11-03-2018 10:58 AM

Bruce Kulick - King Of The Mountain KISS Kruise VIII

rolo_tomachi 12-02-2018 06:50 PM

Stereophonics Rare song Katman

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