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Crushgen24/88 09-07-2009 08:41 PM

Uh huh. Next, I'll be posting my review of the up to now unheard of Beatles reunion record secretly recorded in 1979. That duet with Springsteen is to die for.

SSM12 09-07-2009 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by Arash (Post 940843)
Wow. I can't believe people are still buying these kind of things.

he also introduced the ballad as "the first ballad" insinuating there was another. But there didnt appear to be in the review.

severo17 09-07-2009 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by Crushgen24/88 (Post 940846)
Uh huh. Next, I'll be posting my review of the up to now unheard of Beatles reunion record secretly recorded in 1979. That duet with Springsteen is to die for.

Looking forward to it :D

bedesign 09-07-2009 08:46 PM


Originally Posted by Supersonic (Post 940812)
Aloha !

So, my fellow Jovitalkers. Iíve heard the album. And I like it. How did I get it? Well, hereís the story.

This weekend a package was delivered at the house where now 3 of my Polish colleagues live. It was send to that address probably because thatís the only address you can find of me online, and contained a letter.

ďHi Sebastiaan,
I hope this is send to the right address, this is all I could find of you. Hereís a present, I hope you like it. This is for all the work youíve done on your forum and website. I prefer to stay anonymous because if this leaks it could cost me my job, hence it being on tape instead of CD. You probably understand what Iím thinking now, so go enjoy it. Iíll get to read of what you think of it sooner or later, just promise me you wonít rip it to MP3.
Mr X (sorry couldnít think of anything better)Ē

Thatís all it said. It was handwritten, and the package contained a cassette tape. I had to reconnect my old cassettedeck to my receiver in order to be able to listen to it. I have got no titles, no liner notes, Iíve only heard the music. At first I thought it was a prank so Iíve called Thierry and let him listen to it. By now several other users on Jovitalk have heard a few songs from it under the condition that they wouldnít record the call and wouldnít talk about it. By now Iíve played the tape about 50 times now, because I enjoy it a lot. Itís The Circle, and hereís a review.

1. A rocker in the veign of Hey God meets Tokyo Road or Taking It Back. The song doesnít have a proper guitar solo but merely some fancy licks here and there and a killer riff. I think theyíll open the shows with this song, it kicks ass and is very uptempo. You can compare it to Sexy Little Thing from Chickenfoot if you want to.
2. We Werenít Born To Follow. I honestly donít understand why they released this as the first single because track 1 is so much better. There is a guitar solo though, not a really good one, but a bit like the guitar solo for Have A Nice Day. Nothing special, and most has been said aobut this song.
3. Another rocker, just as fast as the first track, and just as good. The odd thing about this song is that thereís a guitar solo before the first verse, as if the band were jamming before the song actually started. It sort of is like the verses of Last Cigarette without the vocals but with a guitar jam instead. I think Iím hearing 2 guitars but Iím not sure. It could be Richie dubbing his other guitar solo.
4. Another rocker, not a ballad as track 3, but a rock song. Itís not a fast one like the previous two but itís still faster than songs like Something For The Pain and Say It Isnít So, for example. This one has the standard verse, verse, chorus, verse chorus, bridge, chorus structure they tend to do all the time, and the lyrics are a bit odd. Itís a song about Philadelphia I think. Itís not mentioning the city, but talks about building houses and how the boss sang about those streets. Hmmm.
5. The first ballad, and to be honest; itís wank. Itís worse than All About Loving You, and this sounds like the song they had to put on there, because it doesnít fit at all. Lame vocals, cheesy lyrics about looking in the eyes and seeing gardens of love. Iím not saying that lyrics like that are wrong per se, but it doesnít work at all in this song. The guitar solo in the end makes it better though. Itís a bit like Til We Ainít Strangers but slightly worse. I really think that Bon Jovi should give up writing ballds because theyíve lost their touch when it comes to those songs.
6. A song driven by an acoustic guitar. It starts of on an acoustic guitar (a bit like The Fire Inside) but on the second verse thereís an electric guitar doing improvs, the drums build up and when it hits the chorus the song is on full steam. It rocks, but lacks something, though the tape cuts off the ending of the song, so I've got no idea what I'm missing, and if I'm actually missing anything.
7. Work For The Working Man. Brilliant song. Brilliant, brilliant brilliant. Itís like a steam strain thundering through your speakers. Welcome To The Good Times meets Last Man Standing meets Any Other Day. Thereís an immense guitar solo in the middle of the song, followed by some organ solo while the acoustic guitar comes up, and the song then kicks back to ďwhoís gonnaÖĒ This really is the highlight of the album so far, and this will be a stomper live.
8. The obvious Elton John meets Bob Dylan song. This is the song for Jon, itís piano driven and will be the song that shows up on the first 20 shows, will be used as a pee break by American audiences and will be gone by the time the band starts playing Europe. The song is about findy mercy in someoneís soul or something. Itís not really a bad song, but easily forgotten.
9. Right now the album loses a bit of itís power. This is an acoustic song in the veign of I Love This Town, Capt. Crash and Who Says. This is the typical Bon Jovi post 2000 stuff. On the bright side, thereís a harmonica solo on it. Not that itís any good, but thatís all there is really, so I think we can expect Jon to play the harmonica again. And if he plays it on this song, then maybe heíll start playing it on These Days again as well?
10. A song in the veign of Just Older, Story Of My Life etcetera. This is the song for Jon to slow things down and starting to chat to the audience etcetera. Thereís the typical ďIíll sing the chorus very quiet in this part of the song so I can make it intimateĒ thing, and the guitar solo isnít anything special.
11. Saving the best for last. This is another one of those songs that rock like a mother****er. This is classic 80s Bon Jovi stuff. This is the song of which no one thought theyíd ever write it ever again. Itís Homebound Train / Raise Your Hands like but in drop D, and contains lots of ooohís and yeaahís. Itís got a guitar solo that finally shows that Richie still knows how to rip through the songs like he did in the eighties. Lots of tabbing, bends and whatever he could come up with. I swear this is recorded on a Kramer, but who knows?
12. When We Were Beautiful. A filler track. Itís different compared to the leaked version out there, but itís still not quality. I honestly donít understand why they put this on the album. The lyrics are bad, and it doesnít work as a last song.

After listening to the cassette for so many times I tend to believe that the order of songs is wrong because thereís no proper flow at all. Overall this is the best Bon Jovi album of the past 10 years though. Itís got the best of pretty much everything. Thereís still some songs on it that shouldnít have made the record, but you canít have it all, can you?

Salaam Aleikum,

what do you think about Jon vocals?

mrleaf 09-07-2009 08:47 PM

What a bluffer :)

hackster73 09-07-2009 08:50 PM

The review is a hoax, the songs I have heard are lame and lazy. The whole thing sounds rushed and I cannot see how the band can tour this new material.

JimmyHill 09-07-2009 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by hackster73 (Post 940852)
The review is a hoax, the songs I have heard are lame and lazy. The whole thing sounds rushed and I cannot see how the band can tour this new material.

and how have you heard 7 songs from new album?

Captain_jovi 09-07-2009 09:04 PM

Has anyone ever took the time to sit down and see how many hoax's Seb has pulled? Not that I care, I mean they're amusing and lord knows I've fallen for them too many times (Obie's really here, damnit!!!). What's the tally?

grafit4eto 09-07-2009 09:13 PM

Well that sounds interesting...
Actually I don't care if the information is fake or not...
I would never trust song review before I hear the song...

mrleaf 09-07-2009 09:15 PM

Think seb used something like this 2 years ago for lost highway ,think he might have said he was sent something in the post too for his forum contribution.
How bad it's better than reading some of the other posts

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