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Sports Illustrated Q&A with Jon! (photo too)

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Old 09-06-2002, 10:39 PM
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Default Sports Illustrated Q&A with Jon! (photo too)

The Sept. 9 issue of Sports Illustrated features Part I of writer-reporter Richard Deitsch's conversation with Jon Bon Jovi. The New Jersey-born rocker, who will perform as part of the "NFL Kickoff Live from Times Square" concert Thursday, talks about his passion for football, his friendships with sports figures and what's cooler than being a QB. Here is Part II of the conversation.

SI: Who's the greatest Giants player ever?

Bon Jovi: Tough call ... L.T., Y.A. Tittle and Frank Gifford. But I would vote for L.T. [Lawrence Taylor].

SI: Where's the wildest place you've ever watched a Giants game?

Bon Jovi: South America, Australia, in a bar in Rome during the filming of U-571.

SI: You told Playboy that "playing my own high school dance was even cooler than being quarterback." Do you think Kerry Collins would agree with that?

Bon Jovi: Oh, absolutely. All those guys want to want to be rock-n-roll stars. Who doesn't? It's great work if you can get it.

SI: You live for Sunday football. Do you watch every game?

Bon Jovi: Absolutely. I get the NFL Sunday Ticket. I buy it early to get the deal on it. Strap in, honey. We're going around the NFL!

SI: When is the last time you actually paid to attend a football game?

Bon Jovi: Hey, I'm a season-ticket holder for the Giants. I pay for every game.

SI: Who's the best athlete in Bon Jovi?

Bon Jovi: [Richie] Sambora's the best pool player and basketball player. I would last longest on anything aerobic. Dave [Bryan] would be the toughest guy on a football line.

SI: On your last tour you played 100 concerts in 18 countries. When you hear baseball players complaining about travel, you must laugh.

Bon Jovi: Yeah. I've been doing this for 20 years. Not too many baseball players have been around that long. Tell them to try going to Australia for an away game.

SI: One of your good friends is Patriots coach Bill Belichick. How soon after last year's Super Bowl did you hear from him?

Bon Jovi: I talked to Bill the next day. I told him that I thought he should wear the ring on his middle finger. A little-known fact about Bill is that he's a closet drummer.

SI: Belichick and his wife actually joined the Bon Jovi tour in Europe when you guys played with the Rolling Stones. So who wins in a two-on-two basketball game pitting you and Bill against Mick Jagger and Keith Richards?

Bon Jovi: [Laughs.] I think there would be no question who would win: We would.

SI: Who is the most famous athlete you've ever hung out with?

Bon Jovi: Steve Young comes to a lot of shows. So does Doug Flutie, and David Wells. Jon Gruden, Belichick, Jim Fassel and Michael Strahan have been there, too.

SI: Is Times Square a good or bad venue in which to play a concert?

Bon Jovi: Being one of the few guys in the world who can profess to having played there before, I can tell you that it actually sounds all right. The sound coming back off the buildings is not bad at all.

SI: With the Nets making the NBA Finals and the Devils a perennial winner, has New Jersey overtaken New York as the sports capital of the world?

Bon Jovi: Wouldn't that be nice? But there's a dynasty called the Yankees that is way beyond touch.

SI: You campaigned for Al Gore last year and introduced him at a rally the night before Election Day. What personally hurt more: Gore's loss or the Nets' loss in the NBA Finals?

Bon Jovi: Gore's loss. We're still in a daze and a haze and we don't know what hit us yet. But let hope '04 turns it around.

SI: So what's the bigger mystery: the JFK assassination or why Joe Pisarcik didn't go down on one knee against the Eagles in 1978?

Bon Jovi: [Laughs.] Pisarcik's never going to live that down. He and [Scott] Norwood are the two guys who will have to suffer that forever and ever.

SI: As a hairdresser's son, what are your thoughts on NBA players wearing cornrows?

Bon Jovi: Too much work for me.

Issue date: September 9, 2002

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Old 09-07-2002, 12:01 AM
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I love it! Thanx Becky! More knowledge pulled from that good noggin of his
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Old 09-07-2002, 11:39 AM
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thanks that was a good interview to read.
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