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Are Yellowcard Back? (Lights And Sounds Review)

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Old 01-18-2006, 11:31 PM
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Default Are Yellowcard Back? (Lights And Sounds Review)

Ok... after the massive success for Yellowcard thanks to one of 2003's best albums "Ocean Avenue", they return with a brand spanking new album and a new sounds to go along with it. Whether or not their change was a good thing or bad thing, they are getting attention everywhere. Is the album what it's hyped up to be?? Absolutely..... NOT. Let me explain. When one were to listen to Yellowcard's past, they'd hear nice happy pop rock anthems such as Avondale, Ocean Avenue, and Gifts And Curses. Ocean Avenue was a huge change for those older fans who loved songs like Starstruck or October Nights off of a fan favorite "One For The Kids". Unfortunately, their new album is overshadowed with fillers and uninspired songs that would make anyone cringe. Please forgive me... I love Yellowcard and think Lights and Sounds is a decent album. I just don't believe that the band got better. Ryan and the boys from Yellowcard had to come out and make an album that was going to be bigger than Ocean Avenue.... But... They didn't and it's going to hurt them when they are ready to put out their next album. Between skepticism and older fans who may betray their favorite band because of a few bland songs, their success is clearly going to falter. Those who are blinded by the lead singer Ryan Key and the name Yellowcard are going to be dissapointed with the first listen to Lights and Sounds. The album starts with a very pretty opening song called Three Flights Up. Between the piano and the wonderful violin and orchestra, it only leaves a feeling of emptiness because people are going to wonder what happens next. Though when they hear the the loud guitar and huge drums they know instantly it's the hit single that's actually doing really well right now. Lights and Sounds is the comeback single and really propels the hype quite a bit and it's understandable. The song is catchy and rockin'. Though as soon as that's over.... Many are going to say it goes downhill. Down On My Head is a song with a bit of rock and sounds like a song off of Blink 182's final studio album that came out back in 2003. It's very boring. Easily the song is forgotten when the wonderful riff of the next song "Sure Thing Falling" kicks in. Easily said that this one is going to be a single. It again has the catchiness everyone that loves Yellowcard will understand. It's another good pop rock song and will fit in with other songs on radio. Back downhill it goes. The changing of the bands sound takes a nose dive. "City Of Devils" is a boring pop song that on more than one occasion, had me asleep, drooling away on my pillow. If you can, skip it. Instantly though you are awaken to a song that has a similar sound to Lights and Sounds. "Rough, Landing, Holly" is another radio friendly song with a very catchy chorus. One of the best songs on the CD easily. But there we go... Back down to the worst track on the album which is putting me to sleep as I write this.... If they were to forget one song this would be the one. It's harsh to even listen to it. "Two Weeks From Twenty" is a soft acoustic track with mellow vocals. An instand sleeper like one of the songs I mentioned above. BUT again, we go back up with the best track on the album. The one track I actually really love. "Waiting Game" has a beautiful orchestra that starts the song off and it only gets better when the chorus kicks in. Ryan's vocals are stretched and it's pretty inspirational and beautiful. Definently give this one a listen. The album pretty much stays constant though with the fillers such as "Martin Sheen or JFK". A bland rock songs with a title that sounds like they had a tough choice choosing what to name it. The boring songs continue with "Space Travel". Again, it's not a bad song but can put someone to sleep pretty quick. The album continues with "Grey" another boring and uninspirational filler. That's all I have to say about that and add that description to "Words, Hands, and Hearts". Then we get to the one track with the most skepticisim... "How I Go" is a track that has Ryan Key singing a duet with a singer from the Dixie Chicks and also has a monsterous orchestra in which Yellowcard's violinist is conducting. Though it sounds interesting.... Beware, again it's boring... Some might find the music beautiful and it is... But it's boring and again is uninspirational. Finally we get back to a good track. The final cut on the album is called "Holly Wood Died". This one will be good for radio as the chorus is catchy as hell. The song also has a great guitar solo... A definite highlight on the album in which it officially brings out the new guitarist Ryan Mendez. Their songs should have more guitar solo's... They fit quite well! Anyways, the ending to the song goes back to the wonderful orchestra that helped shape the album in general. I know... I've written a book. Your best bet is to give a listen. You either like it or don't. I personally like 4 tracks really. So this answers the question of whether or not Yellowcard is back... They are back but are heading in the wrong direction and I'm getting the impression that this one won't do well and that they'll live in the shadow of Ocean Avenue.

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