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Originally Posted by Adam D View Post
But Lady Gaga can release an album this month after only delaying it a few weeks.

John Legend is releasing his as scheduled in June. I doubt either are being released physically.

Amazingly, new music is being released by other big artists during this pandemic.

So, am I supposed to be blaming this particular record company for the delay, because there are others that are "allowing" their artists to release right now?

I'd assume if Island won't allow Bon Jovi, Gaga's would be putting a stop to hers as well.

If you are going to use the "unable to sell albums tied to the tour because it was canceled" excuse then you are admitting that it's all about money and chart position, which is also not a good look.

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You comparing modern artists with young commercial audiences, to an ageing rock band who's audence is mostly 45+ - completely different.

The majority of Bon Jovi's audience do not stream or download, they buy CDs and Vinyl. Yes, still.

99% of Lady GaGa and John Legends audience will stream. These super commericial acts also have a lot more ways to promoter their new releases,as they are pretty much guarenteed more exposure such as regular radio play, etc.

If Bon Jovi would release their album as digital only it would be a collosal failure without any physical product to back it up.
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