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Originally Posted by rokuli View Post
I'm sorry. (The usual stuff, been listening to Jovi since 1986 and consider being a die hard fan form 1989 to 1992. Seen them live 1993, 1996, 2000, 2008 and 2011.)

Its always been your band, not "brotherhood", we all know that. But your taking it too far now.

Come on mr. Bongiovi. You got a record ready for release in May and ppl around the world are suffering because of covid-19 and would LOVE to hear your up-lifting lyrics and melodies. And yet what, you, billion dollar man decide to do?

We all are suffering from covid-19 but YOU decide you DONT WANT TO. You decide to delay the release of the album until october 2020 so you might still be able to DO STADIUMS in 2021 in support of your record and get some neat income.

You're a creedy man. I'm ashamed of you. And me. I used to adore you. Had your pictures hanging on my fall (not yours solely but the whole band). How wrong I was.

I cant believe I'm writing this but (since you wont quit) I dearly hope Sambora will never ever join the band anymore. From now on I'm staying whole heartedly on his side. Through ups and downs. Dignity, openness, emotion.
Well said!
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