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This page offers some information about Dry County web site and the people behind the site. If you have any suggestions or comments regarding this site, send e-mail.

The Mission

Dry County web site was established back in April 1995, being one of the first Bon Jovi tribute pages on the web. It was and it still is a very important and perhaps even the most popular part of Peterweb WorldWide site, now renamed PeterWeb Creations.

The purpose of Dry County is to gather information and other data about Bon Jovi and to provide all that to Bon Jovi fans who have access to the internet - all FREE of charge. Also this site is in a way a nice promotion for the band itself. Keep in mind that this site is in no way affiliated with the band or Mercury/Polygram Records.

Dry County is here to be the portal site for Bon Jovi fans, meaning fans would be able to find information, submit new stuff to the site and, what's most important, communicate between themselves right here at Dry County.


The site is owned and maintained by myself, Peter Oberc - 25-year web consultant/developer from Slovenia, Europe with help from the following people:

Lyrics & song information:
Judi Rodriguez
and Loretta Gross (Redda)

Guitar chords & tabs:
Christophe Arnould
, Felipe Fontoura

Bass tabs:
Will Hughes
and Michael Snowden

Reviewer & writer:
Fredrik Stralberg

JoviTalk moderators:
Sara, Sambo-Chris, Mike, Mongoose, Fredrik

Also, many thanks to Marta Saad, David Breulj, Jessica Parker, Maryann Bjordal, Jennifer Doyle, Ramy Harik, Bernhard Koenig, Jean-Francois Lejour, Stéphane Morin and Dawn Grobb or various larger contributions to the site!

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