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Album: This Left Feels Right (2003)

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No. Song Title Length Lyrics Guitar
1 Wanted Dead Or Alive (TLFR) 3:43 LYR N/A
2 Liviní On A Prayer (TLFR) 3:41 LYR N/A
3 Bad Medicine (TLFR) 4:27 LYR N/A
4 Itís My Life (TLFR) 3:42 LYR N/A
5 Lay Your Hands On Me (TLFR) 4:27 LYR N/A
6 You Give Love A Bad Name (TLFR) 3:29 LYR N/A
7 Bed of Roses (TLFR) 5:38 LYR GTR
8 Everyday (TLFR) 3:45 LYR N/A
9 Born To Be My Baby (TLFR) 5:27 LYR N/A
10 Keep the Faith (TLFR) 4:12 LYR N/A
11 Iíll Be There For You (TLFR) 4:21 LYR GTR
12 Always (TLFR) 4:19 LYR GTR


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Release year/ Released by: 2003
Release Dates: 3 November 2003 (USA), 4 November 2003 (INTERNATIONAL)

UK bonus tracks:
- 13. The Distance (Live)
- 14. Joey (Live)
Japan bonus tracks:
13. Distance [Live]
14. Have a Little Faith in Me (Live)
15. Joey (Live)



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