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Album: CROSS ROAD (1994)

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Some instructions:
- To view song lyrics, click on the "LYR"
- To view song guitar tabs/chords, click on the "GTR"
- To view song bass tabs, click on the "BASS"
- "N/A" indicates the item is currently not available

No. Song Title Length Lyrics Guitar Bass
1 Livin' On A Prayer 4:10 LYR GTR BASS
2 Keep The Faith 5:45 LYR GTR BASS
3 Someday I'll Be Saturday Night 4:38 LYR GTR N/A
4 Always 5:52 LYR GTR BASS
5 Wanted Dead Or Alive 5:09 LYR GTR N/A
6 Lay Your Hands On Me 5:58 LYR GTR N/A
7 You Give Love A Bad Name 3:44 LYR GTR N/A
8 Bed Of Roses 6:34 LYR GTR N/A
9 Blaze Of Glory 5:44 LYR GTR N/A
10 Prayer 94 N/A LYR N/A N/A
11 Bad Medicine 5:14 LYR N/A N/A
12 I'll Be There For You 5:43 LYR GTR N/A
13 In And Out Of Love 4:24 LYR N/A N/A
14 Runaway 3:50 LYR GTR N/A


Release year/ Released by: 1994 / Polygram / Mercury
Album Notes: Producers: Bruce Fairbairn (tracks 1, 5-7, 11-12); Bob Rock (tracks 2, 8); Peter Collins (tracks 3-4); Danny Kortchmar, Jon Bon Jovi (track 9); Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora (track 10); Lance Quinn (track 13); Lance Quinn, Tony Bongiovi (track 14).
European version has "In These Arms" and "Never Say Goodbye" in place of "Prayer '94" Japanese version also has "Tokyo Road"


- Always
- Someday I'll Be Saturday Night



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