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Album: KEEP THE FAITH (1992)

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Buy "Keep the Faith: An Evening with Bon Jovi" and "Keep the Faith: the Videos" Videos online


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No. Song Title Length Lyrics Guitar Bass
1 I Believe 5:48 LYR GTR N/A
2 Keep The Faith 5:45 LYR GTR BASS
3 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead 4:44 LYR GTR N/A
4 In These Arms 5:19 LYR GTR BASS
5 Bed Of Roses 6:34 LYR GTR N/A
6 If I Was Your Mother 4:27 LYR GTR N/A
7 Dry County 9:52 LYR GTR N/A
8 Woman In Love 3:48 LYR GTR N/A
9 Fear 3:05 LYR N/A BASS
10 I Want You 5:35 LYR GTR N/A
11 Blame It On The Love Of Rock And Roll 4:23 LYR GTR N/A
12 Little Bit Of Soul 5:47 LYR GTR N/A
13 Save A Prayer 5:57 LYR N/A N/A


Total length: 71:12
Release year/ Released by: 1992 / Polygram/ Mercury
Producers: Bob Rock
Engineer: Randy Staub; Obie O'Brien
Album Notes: Bon Jovi: Jon Bon Jovi (vocals, guitar), Richie Sambora (guitars), David Bryan, Tico Torres, Alec John Such.
Rreleased as Mega Edition (Keep The Faith Mega Edition bonus CD: Keep The Faith (live)/In These Arms (live)/Blaze Of Glory (live)/Lay Your Hands On Me (live)/Tokyo Road (live)/I'll Be There For You (live)/Bed Of Roses (acoustic) ) in Europe and Japan with bonus live CD, European version has "Never Say Goodbye" (acoustic) in place of "Bed Of Roses" (acoustic) Available as a Gold Signature editon in Austrailia. Save A Prayer is a bonus track.


- Keep The Faith
- In These Arms
- Bed Of Roses
- I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
- I Believe (remix, not released in US)
- Dry County (not released in US)


A four-year hiatus

When Bon Jovi had finished their massive tour in 1990 in support of their latest album "New Jersey" it was time for a break. I remember seeing an interview where Jon talked about this last show of the 'Jersey Syndicate Tour' in Mexico. He said that "Five guys took five different planes to five different places. There were no goodbyes, just me, my suitcase and take me home.."

And even though fans feared that Bon Jovi was all over with both Richie and Jon putting out solo-efforts they were thrilled to a very high extent when the highly acclaimed album "Keep The Faith" came out in late -92.

It told and even more displayed a completely new side of the band. The sound was different, deeper and also rawer than before. That is foremost seen in songs like "I Believe", "If I Was Your Mother" and "Fear".
This album took the band to a new level. They knew that they were big in the 80's as one of the biggest acts when it came to "Hair Band Metal", even though that explanation isn't all that appreciative.
It was in the height in the middle of the punk/punk-rock area, and to show that an 80's band still had something to say was very important. But nevertheless, they succeeded in a magnificient way. Hits such as "Keep The Faith" and "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead", but mostly the self-explanatory power-ballad "Bed Of Roses" spawned a bright future for this band.

On my own behalf this actually is one of my favourite Bon Jovi albums. It really displays the effort this band have to overcome themselves in whatever the try to achieve. Songs such as "I Believe", "Keep The Faith", "Sleep When I'm Dead" and the truly epical and also considered one of their biggest and fan-favourite-track "Dry County" shows an awesome power to still tell the world that Bon Jovi is alive and kicking, pardon my language, butt..!

Concluding is that I consider this album to once again show what this band doest best. Classic rock songs n different styles, but always that special that you can never mistaken for being Bon Jovi. A classic, this one genuinly rocks bigtime!

Rating: 9/10Fredrik Stralberg (
19 November 2001



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