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Album: THESE DAYS (1995)

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No. Song Title Length Lyrics Guitar Bass
1 Hey God 6:10 LYR GTR N/A
2 Something For The Pain 4:46 LYR GTR N/A
3 This Ain't A Love Song 5:06 LYR GTR BASS
4 These Days 6:26 LYR GTR N/A
5 Lie To Me 5:35 LYR GTR N/A
6 Damned 4:27 LYR GTR N/A
7 My Giutar Lies Bleeding In My Arms 5:41 LYR GTR N/A
8 Letting You Go (It's Hard) 5:50 LYR GTR N/A
9 Hearts Breaking Even 5:05 LYR GTR N/A
10 Something To Believe In 5:25 LYR GTR N/A
11 If That's What It Takes 5:17 LYR GTR N/A
12 Diamond Ring 3:46 LYR GTR N/A
13 All I Want Is Everything * 5:13 LYR GTR N/A
14 Bitter Wine * 4:34 LYR GTR N/A

Bonus CD

No. Song Title Length Lyrics Guitar
1 Fields Of Fire 4:10 LYR GTR
2 I Thank You 3:14 LYR N/A
3 Mrs Robinson 3:21 LYR GTR
4 Let's Make It Baby 6:19 LYR N/A
5 I Don't Like Mondays 5:58 LYR N/A
6 Crazy 3:29 LYR GTR
7 Tumblin' Dice 4:17 LYR GTR
8 Heaven Help Us 4:34 LYR N/A


Another side of the band

Commercially this didn't become one of Bon Jovi's biggest albums, but to me it is one of their best to date. They display a completely different side of their innovation and creativity as musicians.

I remember going to the local record-store the day this album came out and I bought it straight away. My first reaction when I listened to it was how different the sound was from earlier albums like "Keep The Faith" and "New Jersey". Now, over five years later since it came out I have really seen and come to love this album in it's own true essence. Lyrically this is their best job ever. It tells a lot of different stories about love, faith and just the hard things you may face in life as you go along. How things can change in a day, or just in the blink of an eye.

I love all of the songs on this album and each and every one of them have their own amazing story to tell, and I could give you my opinion on each and every one of them. But I won't.. Cause then this review would just be way too long!

The first single of this album was the progressive love ballad "This Ain't A Love Song" and it really tells a heartbreaking sad story. A relationship between to people so much in love only to after some time seeing it all end and fade away. Everyone who's ever gone through tough heartaches can relate to this song, I for one can..

"These Days". Wow, what a masterpiece! The lyrics tells different stories about how people just want change in their life in some way. They just don't want to experience the same things over and over again, and you really feel how some feelings can drive one to do the most wonderful, or destructive things for that matter. I can't call this one a love song nor a rock song for that matter, but it's just something in between that. It just touches several different parts of me and it makes me feel good about myself..

"My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms" is one of this bands most expressional artistic pieces they have ever written (right up there with Dry County!). The lyrics my god, it's amazing. Tells the story of how you feel when you've hit rock bottom. When you've got nothing to hang on to and nothing will ever give you any kind of satisfaction. You try so hard to make something good of the situation you're in, but it's just impossible. Makes you really wonder what mood Jon and Richie was in when they wrote this song...

"(It's Hard) Letting You Go" is one of my big favourites of this album. Not just because it's different when it comes to Bon Jovi ballads, but because it really is so simplified in a good sense. The music is easy along with the lyrics that are true and straightforward. Just how you feel when it's hard to let someone go that you love from the bottom of your heart. I love this one...

"Something To Believe In", I guess that is something we all need sometimes. And in this song, when you need it the most you just don't have anything. Your faith is gone, your trust is gone and it feels like you are the only one left in this crazy world. It's so bad that it feels like you are living in a world that gives you nothing, but still need to find something to hang on to and believe in. I love this song, deeply....

Of course I love all the songs on this album, but the ones I've mentioned above are the ones that to me stand out the most. Just because of their beautiful and sometimes really depressing stories. I guess I can conclude this review by saying the following things....

"Thank you Bon Jovi, thank you for making such a wonderful album. It really makes me appreciate the privilege I have to love someone, and be loved just as much in return. Thank you....."

Rating: 10/10Fredrik Stralberg (
25 April 2001


Total length: CD1:73:43 , CD2: 35:32
Release year/ Released by: 1995 / Polygram / Mercury
Producers: Peter Collins, Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora
Engineer: Obie O'Brien; David Thoener
Album Notes: Bon Jovi: Jon Bon Jovi (vocals, percussion, harmonica); Richie Sambora (acoustic & electric guitars, electric sitar, background vocals); David Bryan (keyboards, background vocals); Tico Torres (drums, percussion). Additional personnel: Suzie Katayama (accordion); Jerry Vivino (tenor saxophone); Ed Manion (baritone saxophone); Mark Pender (trumpet); Richie LaBamba (trombone); Jerry Cohen (keyboards); Robbie Buchanan (keyboards, programming); Hugh McDonald, Randy Jackson (bass); Tommy Funderburk, Rory Dodd (background vocals).
US version is missing "All I Want Is Everything" and "Bitter Wine" released as a Mega Edition in Europe and Japan with bonus CD.
Japanese Single release of "These days" features songs recorded live in South Africa These days Hey God Rockin' in the free world (It's hard) letting you go Helter skelter


- This Ain't A Love Song
- Something For The Pain
- Lie To Me
- Hey God
- These Days



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