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Album: BOUNCE (2002)

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No. Song Title Length Lyrics Guitar
1 Undivided LYR GTR
2 Everyday LYR GTR
3 The Distance LYR GTR
4 Joey LYR GTR
5 Misunderstood LYR GTR
6 All About Loving You LYR GTR
7 Hook Me Up LYR GTR
8 Right Side of Wrong LYR GTR
9 Love Me Back To Life LYR GTR
10 You Had Me From Hello LYR GTR
11 Bounce LYR GTR
12 Open All Night LYR GTR
13 No Regrets LYR GTR
14 Postcards From the Wasteland LYR GTR


(click on the image for larger version)

Release year/ Released by: 2002
Release Dates: 11 September 2002 (JAPAN), 23 September 2002 (INTERNATIONALLY), 8 October 2002 (USA)


- Everyday (2 September 2002): CD1: Everyday,Another Reason To Believe (DEMO), Breathe (DEMO), We Can Dance (DEMO), Everyday (Video) + 4 Postcards; CD2: Everyday, Lucky (DEMO), No Regrets (DEMO), Standing (DEMO).

- Misunderstood (18 November 2002): CD1: Misunderstood, Everyday (Acoustic), Undivided (Demo), Celluloid Heroes (Live - feat. Ray Davies); CD2: Misunderstood, Joey (Demo), Right Side Of Wrong (Demo), Misunderstood (Live)


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